Communing with Nature

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69 thoughts on “Communing with Nature

    1. Gilly

      OK, so for Treetective, I’m imagining a tree-hugging (literally) detective who hugs trees and sees images/clues of the crime. He/she has to piece the images together–build the crime tree, if you will.

  1. mskatykins

    This is very cool and I just love all the detailed work that has gone into this! Favourite bit was when you had written that the trees had her surrounded – boom, boom! :) Great fun! :)

      1. Tin Roof Press

        You should make it into a cartoon strip then. With loads of puns. The dectective’s name should be something treeish. Like Chip Thorn or..or… something. (I’m not good at puns.)

  2. Shannon

    LOL I was expecting her to say, after the pause, “…make like a tree and WHAT??” That would have been me. I never got the puns. Funny stuff, Nicole.

  3. Miranda Gargasz

    OMG, we think alike! At each photo I had the same thought and then read it as my mouse hovered over the pic! Perhaps we could have been bosom friends in a past life. OR, we’re both just suffering from overactive imaginations…..Let’s forget I said that, okay? lol

    1. owyanna

      It wasn’t until this very comment it occured to me the pics might have some hidden content “hovering” above them. Now think of all the other hidden meaning in this world that I never found out about… Oh, the Tragedy!

  4. Dounia

    I love this one! Gave me and my husband a very good laugh! :D I always look forward to your blog posts – they’re always so artistic, creative and lots of fun!

  5. MJ, Nonstepmom

    This is one of my favorites of yours but not quite sure why ….. cuz you’re making me feel just a tad guilty about convincing my stepdaughters there really ARE garden fairies…….

  6. The Simple Life of a Country Man's Wife

    your posts are always reminding me of my childhood with my sister and the three neighbor girls I grew up with. One day while walking the short trail the separated our houses, Elizabeth saw a nest in the tree. She decided to go check out the eggs, when a bird literally attacked her head. I laughed a great day that day :) Lots of fun times in the woods.

  7. Angie Z.

    I love trees and I do think they’re talking to me. Your forest is so beautiful, so Sherwood Forest storybook like! I want to jump inside and live in it!

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Post author

      Thanks! I miss these woods so, so much. We spent a lot of time playing in them and sometimes I feel sad that I can never go back to them. They were so special.

  8. shortcutting

    Hahaha tree-mendous! Talking to trees? Now that’s branching out… I love your posts, one suggestion though, how about instead of Treetective, you call you detective Fir-lock Holmes ;)

  9. funnyphuppo

    It’s nice to know I am not the only one who talks to trees as well as inanimate objects. My husband and friends found that endearing. Now they think I am nuts. :)
    Keep on crafting!
    By the way, I am also a middle sister.

  10. Emily

    So, at this point, Charlotte would get to sing “I am right, you are wrong, you are the dirtiest thing of all” to Chrissy, right?

  11. Emily

    P.S., I’d like to see a T-shirt with a picture of Chrissy doing the “I Am Right, You Are Wrong” song.


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