Promise No Cherry Bombs

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86 thoughts on “Promise No Cherry Bombs

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Post author

      I think about them every time I am on a playground, which is often, because I have a three year old. I haven’t seen any kids do them recently, though. Maybe they are out of fashion at the moment.

      1. Rae

        Wasn’t there a thing where you would sit on top of monkey bars and drop down with your legs catching you and do a little flip called a Cherry Drop? Lots of cherry euphemisms…

  1. conanon

    Loved it! The evil face of Chrissy just before the BAM! I being the owner of long legs used to do this awfully frequently. :D Until I no longer got a willing partner. :(

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Post author

      Aw. Chrissy was actually wise enough to not do it every time. Charlotte was a very superstitious kid, too, so Chrissy probably picked up on that and used it to her advantage.

  2. drewpan

    This is a playground version of those Mexican stand-offs in John Woo movies, where two guys will walk around in a circle with guns pointed at each other’s faces while debating the virtues of chaos and order.

  3. Loni Found Herself

    Two thoughts: 1) I had no idea they were called that and 2) Do they even make teeter totters anymore? Seems like something the “safety first” generation of parents would be opposed to…

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Post author

      I still see them around now and then, but the playgrounds here are all rusty and from the 60s, so… and yeah, my daughter plays on them. She’s up to date on her tetanus shot :)

  4. afterthekidsleave

    They’re bored, bored, bored until Chrissy has her evil thought and then OUCH!
    This happened to me all the time when I was younger. Being the shortest in my family, the taller ones had me at their mercy in the playground.

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Post author

      Aw, do you think so? I’ve seen kids break arms from falling off monkey bars and my friend once had a seizure after a girl kicked her hard in the back at the bottom of a tall slide… but I’ve never seen anyone get seriously injured from a seesaw. Not saying it isn’t possible, though! Kids are really talented when it comes to hurting themselves.

        1. Emily

          That’s good–I’m from Canada, and all we have here now are these bizarre sled-looking things (full seats with guard rails on each side) that are operated by springs, and they don’t even go up and down; they just bounce a little bit. However, I do remember teeter-totters from my youth, I do remember cherry bombs (although we didn’t call them that here), and I also remember when the “safety modification” for teeter-totters was simply to implant a tire in the ground (so half the tire was visible above the ground) where each of the seats would come down, so crashing down hard wouldn’t hurt. I really liked that. :)

  5. diaryofcris

    Well, that’s what I enjoyed the most during those years!!hahah
    It’s fun and exciting!!!even though at the end you’re going to cry out loud because it’s too painful and you’re having goosebumps every time you knew your partner got that silly grin. haha

    I cherry bombs them..they cherry bombs me, we cherry bombs each other!
    pretty mischievous! haha

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