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A Jolly Lark

Remember how I read a lot of books with antiquated vocabulary as a child? (See A Bosom Friend for more.) Well, here’s another comic based on that. When I asked for her opinion on this comic, Charlotte called it “The most unfunny thing [I] have ever written.” Maybe she just didn’t like it because she wasn’t in it. Or maybe I only think it’s funny because I am sick and consuming lots of cough syrup and then lots of coffee to combat the sleepy effects of the cough syrup. Maybe this comic is best enjoyed while drinking cough syrup and coffee.*










*Not a serious recommendation. Please don’t drink cough syrup and coffee.

Tween Wolf

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Hey guys– I got to be a judge in Knuckle Salad’s Munch Madness! Find out which weird food combinations beat each other out in the first round.  And find out what happened when my family had to decide between Orange Soda + Chocolate Ice Cream and Pickles + Hummus!madness1a

Tinsel in Your Eye

Why tinsel is no longer welcome in the Belanger household…


(There is some debate as to who actually took the bite of the inedible gingerbread cookie ornament. So, to be fair, it might actually have been like this:
tinsel1a )









The tinsel was eventually fished from Ashley’s eye, but the ornament remained in disgrace for decades to follow. Here is the only photo I have of the ornament:


No, no– ignore how cute Charlotte is cuddling Rapunzel and how dazzling my mom looks in her greeny-yellow sweater. Focus on that bit of tinsel, please. It won an award, you know.

Secret Sister

Every year since we were little, the five of us have drawn names for a Secret Santa gift exchange. Although I’d love to tell you that the following happened a long, long time ago, it actually happened just last week. And it wasn’t too surprising.












We wound up having to re-draw 4 times this year.

The Hands-Down Tree

Deep in the woods behind our house– okay, technically less than half a mile in the woods behind our house– there grew the spookiest tree in the world. The moment I first laid on it, it gave me chills. Even just the memory of it today gives me the willies. If a tree could be haunted, this one was haunted. If a tree could be cursed, this one was cursed. If a tree could dance naked by the light of the full moon and then go cackling away on a broomstick… this tree surely did.

I found a satellite image of the ol’ woods this morning and was thrilled to find that the Hands-Down Tree still stands. Now, I realize this is a bit like looking at a stranger’s ultrasound photo, but for the benefit of my sisters and some childhood friends, here is the image:


Look! You can still see it! It stands to this day! I hope some other kids have found it and now it invades their nightmares. Um, I mean that in the tenderest way possible. I miss you, old Tree.









Picture Day

Days like this are always funny to look back on…. aren’t they, Charlotte? …Charlotte? Aren’t they?










I am participating in The Waiting’s “Remember the Time…” Blog Hop

Check out the original post here and read through the rest of the participants’ blog posts for more School Portrait memories. To participate yourself, follow the instructions at Emily’s site.

Good Doogie

Tess grew up in a haunted house. The ghost was mischievous, unpredictable, and ever-present. A little spooky, sure, but he was easy to laugh off in the light of day. At night, though… well, I think Tess can be excused for wanting an escort…












It’s time that long-suffering Doogie got some credit for being a Good Boy.

If you like Doogie, you might want to check out this entry from my sketchbook, Call of Doogie: Bark Ops.

Also, The Middlest Sister will now appear on Justthefirstframe.com, which is a cool way of browsing for new webcomics. The site displays just the first frame of webcomics, and if you decide you want to read the rest, you just click on the frame to take you to the comic right at the creator’s own site. Pretty neat!

A Dad Story

My dad has hundreds of stories, each of them funnier than the last. I’m sure I haven’t even heard half of them yet. In honor of Father’s Day this week, here’s one of our favorite childhood tales of Dad’s… the time he went skinny-dipping in the town’s water supply. Hope you enjoy it! Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

Rapunzel, Rapunzel

I’m back from vacation! While I was at my parents’ house, I had a chance to go through all the schoolwork and drawings my mother saved over the years. She had all our childhood journals and diaries, report cards, and school projects. It was so wonderful to comb through all that old stuff. Here’s one of the drawings I found, a self-portrait Ashley did with our cat Rapunzel:

Ashley and Rapunzel, not to scale.

It made me remember this day…

"You're so lucky you're a cat, Punzy."

"No one ever says you're wicked weird and that you'll never have friends."

Tender pals

"But that's not true, is it?"

Yes, this actually happened.

No one wants to be friends with a girl who would lick her cat.


I Am Right, You Are Wrong Again

I have eaten crowsicle. Typically when we went sledding, we dragged our sleds down to the elementary school or to the big hill behind the library. One day, I was feeling a bit too lazy to make the hike, so I suggested to my sisters that we try sledding down the slope of the beach at the lake. It was much, much closer to our house and I thought it would be amazing to go flying over the ice on the lake. Even though it had been a bit warmer lately, I thought the shallow waters of the lake must surely still be frozen. I know– that makes no sense. Well, I was 9.

The girls peer down the sloping shoreline of Long Lake.

"I don't think it's frozen anymore..."

"It looks frozen..."

"It's not."

"It's still winter, isn't it? Of course it's still frozen."

"Whee! That's what you say when you're having fun. You refer to yourself and some other people. "– Mitch Hedberg

Nicki celebrates her short-lived victory

CRACK! I will never forget that chilling noise.

"I am right! You are wrong! You are the freezingest thing of all!"

Seriously, it doesn't even rhyme.

Tough Break, Charlotte

When Charlotte fractured her leg, she got no sympathy from any of us. If she had BROKEN it, we would have given her lots and lots of pity and attention, but a fracture? That didn’t sound anywhere near as dramatic. It was years before any of us realized that a break and a fracture were the same thing. Sorry, Charlotte. You were right, we were wrong, we are the dirtiest things of all.

That Doogie portrait actually exists, guys.(click to enlarge)

"Wanna sign my cast? I broke my leg!"

"No, you didn't" "Um, what?"

"I heard Dad say your leg was fractured"

Well, I don't know what 'fractured' means but look-- I have crutches. I have a cast. I HAVE a broken leg!"

"It's just a fractured leg"

"It's broken. I HAVE A CAST. Are you gonna sign it or NOT?!"


Sticks and stones may break your bones but your leg is only fractured

"Hey, Charlotte! I heard you fractured your leg."