30 thoughts on “The Brussels Sprout Stand-off

  1. This is sooooo awesome AND true!!!!!!! Ask your dad about him and I having to do the same thing …but it was liver!!!!!! I would much rather have had it been brussell sprouts!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe NOT!!!!

  2. Ours was pea soup. They never insisted we eat anything else in its entirety. Usually just made sure we tried it. But, for whatever reason, it was very dark, and very late going to bed after pea soup or liver supper. Great post!

  3. What talent! Awesome artwork. Would love to see these in action with some annimation. We had a brussell sprout stand off too. My younger sister Mia hated them, the rest of us (7 in our family, 4 girls, 3 boys) just plugged our noses and swallowed. My Mom served us our vanilla ice cream while Mia glared at the sprouts. Mom put her ice cream down and said, “Don’t you touch your ice cream until you’re finished those sprouts.” When Mom left the kitchen my little sistger dumped her ice cream on the brussell sprouts and ate them all. “YUCK!” we said in unison. Love your work! Thanks.

  4. This reminds me of my middle sister and her aversion to fish. She’d sit at the table long after the other sibs were finished, not allowed to leave until she ate it. (There also were a total of 5 children in our house as well). I’m going to send my sis a link to your blog post! Great job on your artwork!!

  5. We once almost didn’t get a Christmas tree because I refused to eat my cauliflower,and then, when forced, threw it right back up onto my plate. I wish I could write that story in the beautiful way that you do your stories, but when I try, it’s just something out of Daddy Dearest, and I don’t want to do that to my dad because he’s really the best, now that I’m an adult!

  6. This is so funny – I’m a middle sister too and I used to do the same but with chicken! I’d slide pieces of chicken under the table to my mom when my dad wasn’t looking! lol

  7. I’m 27, and I like pretty much all vegetables in one form or another, EXCEPT Brussel sprouts. Guess what? I grew up to be perfectly healthy.

  8. Truly laughed out loud when I saw this! I don’t think there is a household in America that this has not happened in. Love, love, love it!

  9. When I was a kid, it was the Sunday roast – my mom couldn’t seem to cook one without it being as tough as leather. One time she made me sit until I ate a piece of a roast that was tougher than ususal. When she left the room, I threw it into the garbage. When she came back into the room, I told her I had eaten it. So she put another piece on my plate, and sat there until I ate it.

  10. My mother would leave my breakfast consisting of fried egg on toast in the oven to keep warm on a Sunday morning. It was always like leather when I eventually got up and I disposed of it promptly on a regular basis. Fried eggs still leave me feeling cheated.

  11. This was awesome. I spent many a night alone at the table in the dark staring down a plate of cooked carrots. My parents set a timer and if i didn’t beat the clock my punishment was to eat my portion and all the leftovers.

  12. I have learned to love Brussel Sprouts, but hated them as a girl. And I do not think you can achieve some love for “healthy” eating by punishment like this. Rather the contrary. Brussel sprouts are a traditional English Christmas vegetable, btw. Hence the late comment.

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