The Middlest Sister: Strangers "Have a good day at your new school, girls. And don't take candy or anything from strangers on your walk there."

The Middlest Sister: Strangers "Don't even talk to strangers!"

The Middlest Sister: Strangers "Ashley! Don't wave to people you don't know! That's weird."
The Middlest Sister: Strangers. "Oh my gosh, Ashley! Don't smile like that at people. It is not normal."

The Middlest Sister: Strangers "How am I supposed to make any friends?"






4 responses to “Strangers”

  1. 203bremernafisat Avatar

    That is really cute and funny. =)

  2. Emily Avatar

    Of course, Ashley DID make friends after all, right?

  3. Winn Avatar

    I love the detail. However, what really impresses me is the scene set-up/shots. The angles, the various “shots” used. They are just not straight-on shots. You’re a great director. I mean, it’s like a mini-movie!

  4. Sandy Avatar

    I love the hidden messages that you put into your work.

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