I Want to Believe

My mom used to tell us the wildest stories about alien abductions, and I always swallowed them. I used to tell the kids at my school that my mom was even abducted once. No wonder I had such a hard time making friends. Years later, a girl walked up to me and sais “Oh my god, aren’t you that girl who used to talk about aliens all the time?” I said, “What? Nope! Not me!” and tried to walk away, but she said, “Yes! Yes it was! You said your mom was abducted by aliens!” It was pretty embarrassing. Maybe she will see this comic some day and say to herself “I KNEW it was her!”

Yes, I admit it, Brandis. It was me.

The Middlest Sister: I Want to Believe. "Sweet dreams, girls!"

The Middlest Sister: I Want to Believe. "CLICK"

The Middlest Sister: I Want to Believe. Sleeping

The Middlest Sister: I Want to Believe. "Do you guys believe in aliens?"

The Middlest Sister: I Want to Believe. "What?"

The Middlest Sister: I Want to Believe. "I heard mom talking about these people who live in the mountains who say they've been abducted by aliens."

The Middlest Sister: I Want to Believe. "The aliens beam a light through your window at night when you're sleeping and it sucks you up."

The Middlest Sister: I Want to Believe. "They take you into their spaceship and do experiments on you."

The Middlest Sister: I Want to Believe. "When you wakr up the next morning, you can't remember exactly what happened. But you have a weird scar."

The Middlest Sister: I Want to Believe. "It looks like a duck wearing a little top hat."

The Middlest Sister: I Want to Believe. "But I don't believe it. Goodnight guys!"

The Middlest Sister: I Want to Believe. Awake

The Middlest Sister: I Want to Believe. Closeup, can't sleep

The Middlest Sister: I Want to Believe. Alien at the window





12 responses to “I Want to Believe”

  1. Kristina Avatar

    Hahaha. This is such a good story. Also, I love the “CLICK” panel and the “What?” face!

  2.  Avatar

    This made me lol from the beginning til the end. I’m glad my weird ducky wearing a hat birthmark made an appearance, it was about time!

  3. Jacob Spire Avatar

    If you squint and look at the duck upside-down, it looks exactly like an upside-down duch!
    Great post, btw! Truly awesome!

    1. themiddlestsister Avatar

      Thank you! It’s one of my favorite ones. I still love aliens :)

  4. staceyfonas Avatar

    I like the 3 with the wide open eyes at the end, who can’t get to sleep, while the instigator sleeps with a blissful smile. This is SO my family. I wish I could steal this blog, I wish this was my idea, but holy crap … how much time do you put into this with all these cutouts? I’d run it into the ground within days! Unless it’s just a simple application in photoshop or something that I don’t know about. But seriously, awesome blog!

    1. themiddlestsister Avatar

      Nope, I cut it all out by hand every week. It usually takes about 2 hours per panel or 8-10 hours depending on complexity. Luckily, I think it’s really fun to make this teeny tiny paper world :)

  5. jell jell @ I'll Sleep When They're Grown Avatar

    This is really strange because my mom has a very similar story (excluding the awesome duck w/ top hat birthmark). But there were disappearing chickens…I’ll have to send her this link! I’m reading from the beginning BTdubs b/c I LOVE your comics!

  6. Angie Z. Avatar

    Fantastic! I laughed out loud in hearing about the duck/top hat formation. I wasn’t afraid of aliens until I saw the movie Signs as an adult. I couldn’t sleep after I saw it. Sort of embarrassed to admit that now that Mel Gibson seems like more of an alien himself.

  7. misscorrigan Avatar

    Just found your site, I love your paper dolls in paper scenes! I think you might enjoy my article: http://misscorrigan.wordpress.com/2012/02/11/plan-a-1950s-inspired-birthday-party-for-that-special-fifty-something-in-your-life/ Its a party especially designed for sisters and their mom, and paper dolls are the highlight of the decor!

    As for your alien story, everytime my mouth xrays are taken at the dentist, they find an interesting little piece of metal in the soft tissue somewhere in my cheek. No one can explain it, but I know what it is-an Alien receptor of course. Thank you for your art, you made my morning!

  8. mc wouters Avatar

    This one is really great ! I love the 3 girls with their eyes wide open while the other is smiling in her sleep. Very nice.

  9. careabouteducation Avatar

    Reblogged this on careabouteducation and commented:
    It’s Nice, to know what aliens look’s like by mom. :D

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