10 thoughts on “School Portraits

  1. The tears in the pixie cut image are the reason that, to this day, I am unable to utter the word, “haircut.” I call it by other names because I have to call it something when I’m calling to book the appointment, but I can’t call it exactly that,because it’s too traumatic. It’s an elaborate dance we do, me and the receptionist.

  2. Didn’t you get any say in how your hair was cut? My mom did the “home haircuts” thing too (until about grade six, when I grew my bangs out), but I was allowed to decide how long I wanted my hair to be, as soon as I was old enough to vocalize a preference. Before that, though, all bets were off–for example, when I was two, my mom gave me a haircut that was “trendy” at the time (circa 1986), that was “long in the front, short in the back,” and she liked it because it was “easy to care for,” and “stylish.” Yeah, okay, it might have been stylish on adult models, but on a two-year-old, it just looked ridiculous.

  3. I am guilty of getting my daughter’s hair cut in in a pixie right before kindergarten. It was a bad move. Maybe someday she will blog about it ;)

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