The Life and Times of Mr. Cotton, Part 3

This concludes the story of Mr. Cotton, World’s Greatest Hamster. Part 1 and Part 2



Doogie shows off his kill

The family exchanges looks of horror

The next morning…

"Mom, Dad!" Mr. Cotton is gone! I can't find him."

"Oh honey." "We have to tell you something. It may be hard for you to hear."

"The first thing you need to know before we begin is, well, Mr. Cotton isn't really gone. He's just in another state of being. And in that state, he can't be with you anymore."

"What? I don't understand..."

"Well, Honey, what we're trying to say is..."

...Mr. Cotton has metamorphosized. You see, like caterpillars, hamsters are just the larval state of a more complex creature."

"So Mr. Cotton is a butterfly?"

"Of course not! Hamsters become pigs. That's where we get "Ham", you see?"

"So, it just isn't practical to keep Mr. Cotton. He's gone to a nice farm where there's plenty of room for him run around."

"I'll miss him, Mom."

"Mr. Cotton will miss you, too."

Saint CottonAnd thus began Tess’s vegetarian phase.





17 responses to “The Life and Times of Mr. Cotton, Part 3”

  1. jess s Avatar
    jess s

    Oh God! Did the dog actually kill the hamster?

    1. themiddlestsister Avatar

      He did. Doogie is a rat terrier, bred to relentlessly kill all rodents. He can’t help it, he was born that way.

  2. Charlotte Belanger III Avatar

    hahahahaahaaaaaa Doogie’s face in that panel of portraits is hilarious, as was the entire Mr.Cotton piece…

  3. Tracy Avatar

    This is too cute! I’m sorry about your hamster but at least you were able to make art of it!

  4. Jen Avatar

    This is brilliant! I actually got tears in my eyes… just wonderful!

  5. Jaki Avatar

    I have not stopped laughing, I have tears in my eyes too!! May Mr.nCotton R.I.P.

  6.  Avatar

    Shaking fist at the heavens…

  7. Peas and Cougars Avatar

    When my step-brother was little has class kept a chick that they took turns taking care of over the weekend. When it was his turn, he brought it home and then left it out in his room. A short time later, we found our dog “playing” with it. So yeah, he had to go back to school and tell his class that he killed the class pet.

    Sorry to hear about Mr. Cotton though. I was hoping to hear more of his adventures. :(

  8. Betsy Andrews Etchart Avatar

    You have given Mr. Cotton immortality.

  9. Pura Avatar

    Your comics are awesome

  10. Tin Roof Press Avatar

    this was too funny. Poor mr. cotton.

  11. ashleypatterson21 Avatar

    omggg this is greaat stuff! following u now ;)

  12. krazyreader Avatar

    Oh my gosh! Poor girl! Wait, hamsters metamorphasize? Do guinea pigs, too? If so, oh no!

  13. Emily Avatar

    Does Tess eat meat now?

  14. Angie Z. Avatar

    This. Was. Awesome. Bloggy vacations are the best as I get to catch up on old gems like this!

  15. charlierocks123 Avatar

    I never knew that hamsters turned in to pigs. You learn something new every day.

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