Candy Exchange Rate chart

Halloween Candy Exchange Rate

Every year, we would survey our Halloween spoils and start trading the second we got home. And every year, Dad would laugh at us, confiscate our candy, and then ration it out to us 3 pieces a day… until he reconsidered the dental bills and then just got rid of it all. We really, really loved Halloween anyway.

So we're agreed... Tootsie Rolls, root beer barrels and Smarties are of equal value."Here's the exchange rate so far. Any questions?"

Candy Exchange Rate chart"Yeah. What about Starbursts?"

"I dunno. That's a tricky one. If you get a pink, you're golden. 3 yellows though... you might as well have gotten razor blade apples."

"What should we do with these homemade popcorn balls?" "Toss 'em"

"Poisoned?" "Nah, just gross."

"If that's all then LET THE TRADING COMMENCE!""Heheheh""It's so cute you guys think you actually get to keep all that candy..."

Scream faces for everyone!






15 responses to “Halloween Candy Exchange Rate”

  1. Amy Avatar

    How awesome! And what a different system from my own family’s (I gorged, my brother hoarded, I ended up stealing his candy slowly, piece by piece)

  2. Ashley Avatar

    This is the best one! But I disagree about the worth of the Skittles (much too low), Almond Joy (too low) and Crunch (way too high). I love the ouchy feeling that Skittles give you around the gums when you eat too many. Oh, Halloween. We’re doing one here, but I know it won’t be the same!

  3. Charlotte Belanger III Avatar

    I love the costumes, and how the faces changed in the end…brilliant!

  4. Jess S. Avatar
    Jess S.

    Amy, my brother and I had the same system as you two.

  5. Peas and Cougars Avatar

    Haha, I love your exchange rate! I would totally start buying and trading stocks if it was actually for candy instead of money.

  6. Andy Thibeault Avatar
    Andy Thibeault

    Last panel is great!

  7. whatimeant2say Avatar

    This is really a true work of art! You are so creative!

  8. life is a bowl of kibble Avatar

    The more I read the better you get! I like this blog

    1. themiddlestsister Avatar

      Thanks so much :D I really appreciate it

  9. Russ Nickel Avatar

    I wonder what candies are about to make a huge leap in popularity. If you had some insider trading information, you could earn SO MUCH CANDY!

  10. meigitang Avatar

    You gals are so smart.. know the exchange rate in that early age^^

  11. Emily Avatar

    The butterfly costume is my favourite. :)

  12. Winn Avatar

    Oh this is so genius. I’m a visual person so I cannot believe my luck stumbling onto your blog. I’m going to let all my followers know! (It’s 99.9% women.)

  13. Kylie Avatar

    That last panel is hilarious!!!!!

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