26 thoughts on “Yams and Matching Dresses

  1. To be honest that sums up just about every family dinner. Mundane chat about… nothing in particular.

    That photo only contains four girls – is that your mum or do you just have a very, very older sister?

    1. Yeah, that’s Mom. The youngest wasn’t born yet. It was the only photo I had of us in matching dresses. My sisters must have the rest!

      This was a word-for-word Thanksgiving conversation we had one year that I wrote down immediately afterwards so I would never forget :)

      1. Fantastic. At Xmas our family meals are relatively silent other than the sound of me eating and drinking beer.

        I used to get forced to dress up the same as my brothers, it was really embarrassing.

    1. A few years ago, we found my sister Charlotte’s childhood diary, which included an entry expressing her passionate hatred of these dresses. (Charlotte is trying to find her old diary again, but she recently moved, so it’s probably still in a box somewhere.)

  2. Oh how fantastic! I just discovered your blog (actually, it was highly recommended by peas and cougars!) and I’m lovin it!! Awesome!
    PS. I’m the middlest sister too…. younger brother and older sister

    1. When we moved to Florida, some kids who lived on our street started referring to us that way. I tried to tell them we were nothing like the Brady Bunch, but it turns out that pedantry and trivial knowledge of the Brady Bunch isn’t cool after all.

  3. Was that you watching at dinner today? I have one who just looks at the dish he wants passed and grunts a bit.. but oh dear the matching dresses.. mothers, they have a lot to answer for! c

  4. Um, so this is kind of amazing. And by kind of, I mean totally.

    ps. My sister and I had almost the exact same dresses! I loved mine because I thought it made me look like Strawberry Shortcake. Sadly, it wasn’t until after I wore it to school one day that I found out looking like Strawberry Shortcake in grade nine isn’t cool.

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