25 thoughts on “Pépère

  1. Beautiful. Truly. What a great tribute piece. I actually just lost my beloved grandfather (my last living grandparent) three weeks ago. I thought about trying to tie some of his grandpa-isms into one of my blog posts (he was super funny, lots of material to work with) but haven’t yet. You’ve definitely motivated me now :)

  2. Love it… I know how it feels to lose a grandparent… Just lost my dadi (paternal grandmother) this May and therefore this was the first holiday season we spent without her. I hope he is in a better place.. Maybe he and my dadi can give each other company up there!

  3. May I ask the derivation of his name? I’ve never heard “Pepere” as a grandfather’s name.

    He is surely watching over you and smiling at that beautiful, personal tribe you gave him.

    Since you left a comment on my blog I subscribed to yours, and am loving the gift you have for creating distinctive portraits.


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