25 thoughts on “Pépère

  1. Beautiful. Truly. What a great tribute piece. I actually just lost my beloved grandfather (my last living grandparent) three weeks ago. I thought about trying to tie some of his grandpa-isms into one of my blog posts (he was super funny, lots of material to work with) but haven’t yet. You’ve definitely motivated me now :)

  2. Love it… I know how it feels to lose a grandparent… Just lost my dadi (paternal grandmother) this May and therefore this was the first holiday season we spent without her. I hope he is in a better place.. Maybe he and my dadi can give each other company up there!

  3. May I ask the derivation of his name? I’ve never heard “Pepere” as a grandfather’s name.

    He is surely watching over you and smiling at that beautiful, personal tribe you gave him.

    Since you left a comment on my blog I subscribed to yours, and am loving the gift you have for creating distinctive portraits.


  4. Hi Nicole,
    I’m very new at blogging and just love the beautiful personality that is coming across in your posts. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your rules.

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