House Rule No. 1: Oldest gets the front seat

House Rule No. 1

Our family had very few, but very firm house rules. Mostly meant to keep the peace, once a rule was pronounced, it was set in stone. We’re all adults now and we STILL obey the house rules every time we visit home. I actually take great pleasure in invoking this rule even at age 30.

"C'mon girls! Let's get a move on! We're late!"

The girls head toward the minivanChrissy and Charlotte reach for the handle at the same time"What are you doing? It's MY turn to ride shotgun!" "No! y last turn didn't count. It was only a 5 minute ride."Ashley, Tess, and Nicki eat popcorn"Well that's too bad for you. Now it's MY TURN." "That's not fair! MOOOOOOM!""THAT'S IT! From now on, seniority rules. The oldest kid in the car gets to ride in the front seat. No more fighting.""WHAT?!"House Rule No. 1: Oldest gets the front seat






418 responses to “House Rule No. 1”

  1. Anna Avatar

    Great post and great rule! I’m the oldest of 4 in my family. My brother was the youngest, the rest of us are girls. He was absolutely spoiled rotten! No hard luck story for him growing up with all of us to dote on him! (I did get to sit in the front though).

  2. emptyhat Avatar

    I hate that rule! It’s so unfair: I will NEVER be older than my older sister and therefore will never get to ride shotgun? Unfair

  3. Averi Avatar

    Ha! Oldest child = works for me!!! XD I like that rule.

  4. Anna Avatar

    I enjoyed this post! Very entertaining and yes, I like the art! :D My siblings and I took turns in riding shotgun when we were still kids.

  5. Celepolture Avatar

    Older siblings should get the front seat! (Clearly, I am an older sibling). Awesome!

  6. screenprintr Avatar

    I was 5th out of 6th, but always had to sit in the back. Know how you feel.

  7. Life as Mia Avatar
    Life as Mia

    Damn your very creative, and you have alot of siblings! :D

    Nice to see im not the only one who has a HUGE family, we are four kids in my family, (Okay not kids anymore, but yea you know what I mean) ;) We always had this problem too, my parrents just took the LONG road of explaining to us, that the one who dident sit in front this time, would get to be next! Damn it was hell for my poor folks. Your blog is amazingly creative, mine is ONLY writing, not all of this amazing artwork… A follow on your post, its so cool…

    Mia from Denmark!

  8. yolandalmargolin Avatar

    I LOVE this post! :-) Brought a smile to my face.

  9. Ahil Avatar

    Same feelings…but myself, the eldest, undergone strict rules from the beginning. What’ll we do?…We are always little girls for our mom….

  10. qldps Avatar

    very colourful and well crafted

  11. everyonelovesacookie Avatar

    This post is just adorable! Best wishes!

  12. takeurmeds Avatar

    Loved it! Your are so very talented!

  13. septic tank emtpy Avatar

    lol this blog has reminded me how much my brother and I used to fight for the front seat. What is it with that? It’s like a rule that you should fight about the front seat as a child lol!

  14. Pete Howorth Avatar
    Pete Howorth

    Well done on getting Freshly Pressed!

  15. oakfiling1 Avatar

    I always lost out to this rule! haha

  16. horse supplements Avatar

    This is awesome! Brings back lots of childhood memories.

  17. saveeverystep Avatar

    so cute, must have taken you hours!!!

  18. copycatmom Avatar

    This was the same rule we fallowed in my mothers house. As oldest, I found the rule to rock. My baby sister…. Not so much. Now that we all have cars a new rule has developed. We typically drive so mom gets shot gun. Love the creativity and artwork on your blog!

    1. everydaythingsetc Avatar

      Mum’s should always ride shotgun!

      1. copycatmom Avatar

        I couldn’t agree more ;) She sure does love to tease us that it isn’t out of respect. It’s just the same rule that it was before. Oldest rides in front. My mother is such a hoot. I adore that woman.

  19.  Avatar

    cute! :)

  20. dressupforme Avatar

    Thosee illustratiosn are fantastic! So cure and so funny! Btw, when I was small, we used to always have that rule. I hated it becuase I was the younger child :D

    Greetings from a back-seat rider ;)

  21. ktlocke Avatar

    Love this.. I am one of 7 sisters.. not he middlest though!

  22. JSD Avatar

    I love this!!! I’m the oldest, of course!

  23. 4evaglamour Avatar


  24. thenextlapp Avatar

    as one of five children, i love this!

  25. Nishanth gowda Avatar

    love the illustrations! :)

  26. literarykitty Avatar

    wow didn’t know you could capture sibling-rivalry-anguish in 2D puppet form, good work! :)

  27. Michele LMS Avatar

    As the eldest of four siblings, I’m liking this!! . . . Also, appreciate your creativity!

  28. Ronan Avatar

    Four brothers here, (no sisters… much to my dismay), and I literally laughed out loud. I was the youngest, and I always felt like the “seniority” rule was completely unfair, as I never stood a chance… unless, of course, one of my evil plans ever came to fruition… which they never did. Fantastic artwork!

  29. jordantrumble Avatar

    I love this!

    My older brother always tried to make the seniority rule happen but it never did. It might have actually saved some grief if my parent’s had just made it happen…

  30. morristownmemos by Ronnie Hammer Avatar

    I have been a subscriber to your wonderful blog for about a month and was tickled to see you chosen for Freshly Pressed. I love your work and now many more bloggers will have a chance to see it.


  31. singlecatholic Avatar

    Oh my gosh, I found your blog on freshly pressed and thought, “Wait…how’d this perfect stranger get into my life??” I’m one of five girls (the oldest, in fact), and we had the exact same rule…for the exact same reason.

    Granted, it was a rule in my favor. ;) But in my old age, having developed a sort of guilt complex over it, I always relinquish front seat privileges to someone else when I visit home.

    Adorable images!

  32. figureditout! Avatar

    I must say this is a great peace of work–like its reeeeally talking to me. The details are so vivide and its really in simple English. And for the humor….I really got it all in my heart. Could take it higher by just a flick of emotions as the oldest and guess what, the oldest goes through a lot in my case btu I love it; Just read this and it really is wonderful

  33. melzzartt Avatar

    I was the middle child. so true!

  34. Clare Avatar

    The pictures are awesome. This was hilarious. We had the same rule in our house, but I never even desired to sit in the front seat! The back was far more comfortable. Especially the far back bench seat in the minivan which I had all to myself!

  35. ctolle Avatar

    Brilliant storytelling! The clasped hands of the oldest sister in last frame just spoke to me. This sequential art makes me so happy.

    As an only child, I never understood why siblings could not just take turns or kindly share space. I am certain it comes out of a naivete that people want peace and harmony at all times. The anecdotes of my friends and frames like yours certainly indicate how humorously wrong I’ve been!

    Well done,

  36. J'arling Avatar

    This is amazing!! :)

  37. Maggie Avatar

    Oh, if only we had had that rule–I would have won every time! Now my little sister almost always gets the front seat because “she gets carsick”. Likely story. (Did I mention we are nearly 29 and 32?)
    Now I have one daughter, and I am thinking of making a rule that says, “You get to say, ‘Let’s get in on the nother side’ only twice before I pick you up and put you in your car seat myself.” Tough but fair, right?
    Your blog is wonderful, and congratulations on being freshly pressed!

  38. jacobscottmoore Avatar

    Funny! Sounds like my house–only I’m the oldest and always sitting in the front!
    Love the art! Great job and congratulations with the Freshly Pressed!

  39. trialsinfood Avatar

    So cute! Awesome! I like it since I’m the oldest.

  40. bumpyescape Avatar

    I love it!!

  41. Betsy Andrews Etchart Avatar

    Congrats on freshlypressed! I feel smug about discovering you B.B.P. (Before Being Pressed). Now I’m waiting for the coffeetable book.

  42. asoulwalker Avatar

    This is great on multiple levels. I love the pictures you’ve made… and of course sibling squabbles are often a source for hilarity. Well done. Cheers.

  43. Circe Avatar

    As number 1 of 9 brothers and sisters… I agree! :-)

  44. goingtomx Avatar

    this is quite true…I am the oldest and I still get the front seat even though my sister and I are now 16 and 20.

  45. JamieCurtisBaker Avatar

    Wow this is a really unique idea. I like it.

  46. Assia Avatar

    How fun and creative! Great craftsmanship! Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

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