56 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Santa

    1. Maybe next year I can make some Christmas cards! All my spare time for the next few weeks is being funneled into a very special project that I hope I can show off soon :)

      And, no book! I don’t even know where to start in that regard. Maybe something to look into next year, though!

      1. Oh, it was way subtle. I’m sure I’m the only one who figured it out.

        As an aside, I’m sure you have a bazillion of them, but you’re getting the Versatile Blogger award from me. <3

  1. I just read all your posts. I really love your blog! Most of the situations are so recognizable! (even though I don’t have sisters, just one brother. But I do recognize the situations, most of them with my brother, but a lot of them with friends too.) Keep blogging!

  2. Great artwork and very funny stories – love this one and ‘House Rule No 1’ and am going to browse some more… you capture those sweet and vindictive childhood days so well!

  3. Nicole, you are a brilliantly talented woman who’s fan-base is growing by the minute! You can write and your stories are fantastic, and there are no suitable words to describe your artwork…it is just exceptional!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make it your priority to find a publisher for your work, be that greeting cards, or children’s story books. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want a “Middlest Sister” original!!! Enjoy your success luv, you are going places!!!

  4. Wouldn’t Chrissy figure out that the letter was written by Charlotte, because it only mentioned things she did to Charlotte? I mean, surely Chrissy antagonized her other three sisters as well, and a REALISTIC letter from “Santa” would cite things she’d done to all of them.

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