Littlest Women

WARNING: This post contains spoilers for the beloved 19th century classic novel “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott.

Anytime I read novels with a lot of sisters, I immediately try to pair each fictional sister with one of my flesh-and-blood sisters, in order of birth. I don’t know why, my brain just does it automatically. It always falls apart pretty quickly.

Ashley is reading "Little Women"

"Hey! We're just like the sisters in this book!"

"Nicki is Meg, the oldest. Polite and maternal, sweet and even-tempered. She discovers that happiness doesn't depend on her social ranking."

"Charlotte is Amy, the baby, who is particularly vain about the shape of her nose. She grows up to marry the rich and dashing Laurie, who is a boy with a girly name."

And obviously, I'm Jo, the plucky writer, the tom-boyish heroine, the jolly secondborn."

"Who is my counterpart?"

"Oh, um... yeah, Beth..."

"Beth really likes kittens and dolls..."

Chrissy raises one eyebrow.

"...and then she dies."

"WHAT?! My character dies?! First she's lame and then she DIES?? This is so unfair. I always get the short end of the stick! Ugh!"

"Which sister am I?"


52 thoughts on “Littlest Women

  1. These are awesome. My little sister and I had three girls “across the field” that we played with constantly. Their names were Beth, Amy, and Amanda…. as you can see, my sister and I were usually one of the non-existent sisters. But they were way more Little Women-ish then we ever were. Great post! Now I would like to see the film again… er, read the book, I mean.

  2. Hilarious as always! I loved anticipating which of your sisters got to be the one who croaked! The clothespin on the nose was a nice touch. (And I confess I actually slept with a clothespin on my nose after reading the book.)

    1. Oh, ouch! This was one of my favorite books as a kid and since I immediately began the story with that “I am Meg, Ashley is Jo… etc” mentality, when I got to Beth/Chrissy dying, I completely lost it and started bawling. I reread it every few years and always skip Beth dying. I can’t take it.

  3. Very cute. Your artwork is great–I particularly enjoy their facial expressions. I am the youngest of five sisters, and the dynamics are so interesting and complicated. I look forward to the next post!

      1. I was sort of planning on self-publishing a book just for my family after I had a year’s worth of material, but I will have to look into it further. I’m not sure what making an e-card entails, I’ll have to ask around!

        1. I don’t either, have you ever used Animoto? I have used it in the past for creating photo cards for my family, but this year I keep thinking of how cool it would have been to have a brief series of your collages put to music in an animoto with a nice holiday message (and a hint of reality) intertwined in the montage.

          1. I haven’t used Animoto, but I have a video/music editor on my computer. I’ve been working on a stop-motion cut-paper animation video in my spare time with music by my husband (and me!) This is our first attempt, but if it comes together nicely, we can work on something for next Christmas.

  4. I also tried to find family parallels in books, especially Little Women. But there were only two sisters in my family so we had the opposite problem. Sorry to Meg and Beth. They just didn’t make the cut.

  5. I just stumbled over your blog right now, and I love it! I also like the fact that you are the middles one of five sisters, because I’m the middles one of seven sisters. Keep up the good work :)

  6. Your blogs are so cute, and definitely addictive. The characters, and the persona’s are sooooo true to family’s! OBVIOUSLY, b/c you are basing them on your real life experiences, and family, but still. It is too cute!

  7. Haha! This is great, I definitely do the same thing with that book. Then I realize I’m “kind of” like Jo AND Meg, and my other sister is like Meg and Amy, and we have NO ONE like Beth…and it all falls to pieces. (And there’s that troubling 5th sister element.) Pride and Prejudice is no better, since there are only two sisters anyone wants to be anything like…

  8. My sisters and I did the same thing…though they always claimed unfair when I wanted to be Jo. But we still spent countless hours acting out the scenes of the book. Such good times. Your blog is lovely and I am enjoying sharing it with the sisters.

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