39 thoughts on “Merry Christmas…

  1. I love it — this puts that poor skimpy Charlie Brown tree to shame! The lights are a brilliant touch. My favorite though is the “hotel art” of a lighthouse hanging behind the couch.

    I forgot about eating ornaments — you just reminded me why I didn’t further explore stringing popcorn with my kids this year.

    1. :) Thanks! That’s actually a conglomeration of paintings by my great-grandmother that used to hang around the house. I used to stare at her paintings and wonder if I’d ever be able to paint as good as she did. The portrait that appears in all the dining room scenes is of her when she was young. I loved her so much! She was a neat lady. I desperately want one of those old paintings to hang in my house now.

      I hope you guys had a merry Christmas! I am still out of town and will have to catch up on everyone’s blogs when I get back next week!

      1. That is super cool! I wish I had beloved family art relics like that too. That’s not hotel art at all. And a lighthouse is much better than my drawings of colonial people. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas in your world and a safe trip home.

  2. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.. Your blog is amazing, thanks for sharing your stories with us… I really love your idea of those funny pictures… Thanks a lot.
    Wish you and your family have a nice year!

  3. there’s an ornament on my tree that looks like a gingerbread man in its cookie cutter, and I always want to eat it. It is not edible, though, and we never eat gingerbread.

    One of these years I won’t be able to resist.

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