95 thoughts on “Alligators Under the Bed

  1. I shud haf done this too!! Im afraid of the dark n always thinks something is under my bed! So i’d run n jump to my bed once i off the lights! N hide under those blanket! Love yr story!!

  2. Have you been reading my diary? It wasn’t an alligator, but something under my bed was ready to grab my ankle if I dared to step onto the floor.

    Your little girl is so clever to invent the device to shut the light without tempting the alligator.

    The illustrations are delightful: they make me want to hug the little figure to reassure her.


  3. Ha, I was also positive there were things living under my bed that would grab my feet. I was also afraid of my closet. And my window.

    1. During summer I would leave my windows open, but then I could hardly sleep for worry of the burglars who would surely come in to steal… my black and white television set? My pound puppy? Me?

          1. Oh, that show sounds familiar! I remember when my big pound puppy got a mini/baby pound puppy to pal around with, I thought my heart had grown three sizes larger. I also became obsessed with pulling the stuffing threads that always poked through their bodies. Do you remember that happening with yours? A few times I nearly pulled out entire balls of stuffing, which made tiny wholes in the fabric. Oh, you weren’t talking that kind of crazy, were you? The End.

            1. Oh, no. I definitely did that. For me, it started when I got appendicitis. I was very frightened and brought my beloved pound puppy into the O.R. with me. The surgeons apparently thought it would be cute to give my pound puppy a matching scar. I was so angry when I woke up. They cut and stitched my puppy! They mutilated him! And they didn’t sew him up as neatly as they should have… little bit of fluff were always poking out. Once I started pulling those, I noticed the other bits poking out. My puppy is much, much thinner today than he originally began life.

  4. I still have to hurry out of our basement storage room as soon as the lights go out, so the store mannequin won’t get me before I reach the stairs. (And I am 55 years old!) Great post, once again.

  5. About four months ago, I read my 2-year-old nephew a story about a boy who had an alligator under his bed … he wasn’t scared, but even now, he will sometimes climb into bed and tell us, “Ow! Alligator bit my toes!” So we have to “chase it out” and then he laughs. Not a moment of extreme foresight on my part. :/

  6. LOL! I had monsters under my bed too…I’d turn off the light and then run for the bed…then leap onto the bed the last 3 feet. My dad then came up with the idea that if we put the box spring and mattress on the floor, no monsters could get under the bed! :)

  7. Hahaha! Great post. =) I used to jump off the bed as far as I could get, run to turn off the light, and run back. I figured if I was fast enough, anything that might be under there wouldn’t have time to grab my toes…

  8. Lol! Fantastic! :)

    I never worried about things under my bed as my bed isn’t on legs, it goes down to the floor. What I worried about was the burglers coming in through the little crack in my window!

  9. Alligators under my bed. Thin man in my closet! I so did this when I was a child. In fact, I was 18 when I stopped checking under my bed from monsters. Now the box springs sit directly on the floor, so I don’t think any supernatural being can fit under there now. Take that monsters!

  10. I must be your long lost other sister. I had the exact same phobia. Only my solution was to flip off the light and then take a flying leap at my bed (yours was much more clever. perhaps you should consider a patent?) I still can’t sleep with my feet uncovered.

    Love your illustrations. They always make me giggle. Thanks :)

    1. Thank you! It took until my 20s to be able to sleep with my feet uncovered. Now I’m fully recovered from such silly fears… unless I am alone in the house or my toddler starts asking me about ghosts…

  11. I have 3 brothers and no sisters. So I always had my own room growing up and hated it. I was terrified of the dark when I was all alone and it also seemed like my brothers were having a BLAST in their room. I was so jealous. Awesome artwork by the way!

  12. Based on the number of comments, this is a popular fear. I used to have a pet rubber alligator, who lived on the paper scraps I fed him, so this was apparently not a concern of mine. I have always been more afraid of people than animals.
    Your creative light switcher offer reveals that, even as a child, you were clever and inventive!

  13. I didn’t have an alligator under my bed, but for some reason when I was little I was convinced that any part of my body that wasn’t covered with blankets was vulnerable to the reach of the Dreaded Darkness Monster. Love the post!

  14. My fear wasn’t something under the bed, but something in the attic which could be accessed through our closet door. If the closet door was left open when I went to bed, I was terrified…too afraid to even get up and close it. Childhood fears are so terrible!

  15. lol :D good thing you have adhesive tapes to attach those sticks together…
    alligator grinning when the lights turned off, adorable!

  16. Oh my! I’m so glad I found you… what an awesome blog. I STILL find it hard to let my hand dangle over the side of the bed because of lingering monster fears. So sad.

  17. I love it! One of my favorites thus far. The alligator is so well done that I’m at this very moment checking under the couch that I’m sitting on.

    I had an extreme feeling of vulnerability if I were to have an exposed limb while I slept (still do). Somehow under the covers I was certain no ghosts/alligators/land sharks/Chucky dolls could grab me.

  18. Hahah this is hilarious – that’s what I used to feel like, and I’m the eldest! My younger siblings couldn’t understand why I was so scared of the dark too. Love the pictures!

  19. Whoa that alligator is awesome. Really nice job :) When we were really little my sister thought there was an alligator under her bed. She could actually HEAR it singing to itself. But then, of course, it just turned out to be me singing myself to sleep. I guess my voice is that awful…? Haha. But really great post!

  20. I was more afraid of ghosts than anything. Oh, and witches who would climb up our roof and have long thin tongues that would slither down from the ceiling and steal our innards as we slept. Talk about overactive imaginations, haha.
    Cute illustrations, as always. :)

  21. Ahahah that’s crazy, exactly how when I was afraid of sharks under my bed, which was even more silly since there’s no water under people’s bed…childhood fears are so funny :)

  22. Just change the alligator into a secret agent armed with a syringe of “something” that he was going to kill me with! Thank Ceiling Cat I had a bed with a built-in light that I could turn back on again if I was REALLY scared!!
    Loved this post!! LOL

  23. That and “Tween Wolf” are my favourites! That crocodile is so Epical so are the all of your comics. Well done! :)

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