67 thoughts on “Footie Pajamas

  1. Frogger on the Atari 2600? You and your sisters are the coolest cats in town!

    I like getting your email alerts. Usually I get a snippet sample of what the blog update is but ‘cos yours are pictures everything is a mystery until I get here.

    Top work as usual Miss Middle. Have your sisters seen this blog yet?

  2. Devious is right. She is my favorite sister by far! Reminds me so much of me. Okay, I’ve been following this blog for long enough that I should know. This is embarrassing to ask. I know you’re Nicki but I always thought you were the middlest…and that you always are the one with the shorter darker blond hair?

    Sorry that I’m asking this so late in the game. I’m the person who pokes on my husband’s shoulder in movies to have him explain the most obvious details.

    1. I’m Nicki, the oldest. The order of the girls in the header is the birth order and it goes Nicki, Ashley, Chrissy, Charlotte, Tess. The blog is named The Middlest Sister because Chrissy is the funniest and deserves star billing after a whole life of being in the middle and because my sisters and I all have an awful habit of superlatizing things that don’t really need it.

      1. My dad had been saying for a while that someone needs to write a blog about Chrissy because she is so funny. (I have not even scratched the surface yet…) I didn’t have anything better to do, so this blog was born! Chrissy gave me her permission to do it. No backsies!

        1. Thanks for this! I kept thinking you should be the middlest since it’s your blog but I did note you weren’t the one in the middle up top. My favorite Chrissy post is the Santa letter she received, though she isn’t the one in the driver’s seat on that prank :) Now this also explains the FP’d post with you looking the happiest about the new rule. Duh, Angie.

  3. AHA, now I get it too! So you are the one baking cookies with mom, while 2 sisters are playing cards, One is watching TV and Chrissy is being devilish. Wonderful!

    Yours is my favorite blog!


    1. Ah, I should have specified! The birth order is in the header from left to right :) I am the one in the blue-green dress wearing the saddle shoes. (Or one of the girls playing cards.) Thanks for the compliments! :)

  4. I love the maniacal laughter! It was so cold last night that sometimes I miss my childhood days of footie pajamas. I REFUSE to give into the adult pajama fad that’s always playing on commercials though, I like to think that I have a little dignity left.

  5. I love it. static electricity my sibs and I used to play tricks like that all the time
    Can I have the cat please please!

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