73 thoughts on “The Incredible Journey

  1. I mentioned my childhood obsession with Homeward Bound recently and the other person was equally enthusiastic about the movie, it made my day.

  2. What are sisters for. I am the littlest sister of 3 sisterd and 2 brothers. I am so glad God gave me sisters. They are still a rock in my life.

    1. My roommate just a couple years ago had that same TV! It worked great even then; it probably still does.

  3. I love that movie! I know that this may sound a bit sad, or maybe not, but reading your blog is one of the sweetest highlights of my week!

  4. I loved that movie! Well this one, dirty dancing and pretty woman. Loved, loved, loved them! I used to know all the lines to dirty dancing by heart, but I think they may have been replaced with rather useless information in the course of my law studies.

    Thanks for reminding me of the important things in life

    :) K.

  5. I loved this movie when I was a kid! Your wonderful artwork portrayed Sassy, Chance and Shadow so well :) And I think we all had certain movies we just watched on repeat when we were kids…

    1. Yes, and Charlotte was the queen of rewatching movies. She found a movie she liked and she stuck with it for months at a time. “Homeward Bound” and “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” might be tied for movies she watched the most on repeat.

    1. I am begging you not to go out your way to see this movie. It is about two dogs and a cat who get separated from their family and their “incredible journey” back home. The animals talk in much the same way as the babies talk in “Look Who’s Talking.” They are voiced by Sally Field, Michael J. Fox, and Don Ameche and I just had to look up Don Ameche because I don’t know who he is. It’s a movie only children could possibly enjoy.

  6. Hilarious! Homeward Bound! I loved that movie :) Wasn’t it a remake of the Incredible Journey (though they lacked the high-tech 80s equipment to allow the ability to computerize voices into the animals mouths)? And I’m pretty sure the Incredible Journey was based* on a true story?

    I definitely remember that Michael J. Fox talked Chance, the young, spunky dog. But I thought Roseanne Barr talked Sassy the cat? Oh, damnit, I’m getting this mixed up with Look Who’s Talking Now.

    *Under no circumstance factual unless by “factual” you mean that there were once three animals who got lost.

  7. I love your posts! I have been a follower since you were Freshly Pressed and I do such a poor job of commenting. Sorry! But your “illustrations” are remarkable and your stories always bring a smile.

  8. I used to be OBSESSED with this movie as a kid. I still think about when Chance gets the porcupine needles to the face. Poor guy. That had to suck, LOL. Anyways this post brought back some pretty good memories. Thank you for that : ] .


  9. LOVE me some Homeward Bound. What a great flick from childhood! Thanks for posting this, now if you will excuse me I need to go add this movie to my Netflix que.

  10. Great movie. Best thing about it is that it’s before the time of CGI animal mouths.

    I have a similar relationship with “The Land Before Time”, if you remember that one…

    PS congrats on your blog doing so well. Yours deserves it!

  11. i still can’t watch the movie! so emotionally traumatised by watching it as a child. Ditto Watership Down….It is the one where the cat ends up half drowned going down the river on some kind of raft isn’t it?

  12. I am the oldest sister in our family, & there are FIVE BOYS between me & my ONLY sister, then ANOTHER BOY!!! :o) I eventually had my 2 girls sandwiched between my 2 boys! I am so blessed! I felt especially blessed to have 2 girls in a row!!! They are so close! Also, among my 13 grandkids only 3 of them are girls! Again, we are so blessed!!!

  13. Reminds me of my daughter’s habit of watching the same set of movies everyday. I never really understood the attraction in those movies, but I too have my favourites which won’t bore me even after I watch it a 100 hundred times.
    Great work! It’s worth coming to your blog each time.

  14. This was incredibly cute. I have two girls, a little blond 6-year old and a little brunette 4-year old and your sisterly affection in front of the tv reminds of when the “littler one” wants to watch “Coudy with a Chance of Meatballs”…again. A-dor-a-ble. As adorable as the pink bunny slippers :)

  15. Your posts are so soothing. Just love the felt creations — almost makes me want to try them myself! But I have a feeling mine would look a little warped. :-)

  16. Reblogged this on domatamama and commented:
    We spent a family vacation trying to get my son away from watching “Homeward Bound”. He would have gladly spent the entire week sitting in the condo watching it over and over again!

  17. My childhood was before VCRs, but I read that book over and over. Cried every damn time, too. I read all my books over and over, probably because of movie and tv deprivation, which has warped me to this very day. You have a fun blog! Love your medium and approach! Also, I am #2 of 3, and my mom called me the middlest, too. didn’t save me from middle child syndrome, though.

      1. That’s okay! It’s not spelled out anywhere on my site and I don’t mind the confusion. Thanks for stopping by! I’ve always read and reread my books until they fall apart. My husband makes fun of me for it :)

  18. Incredibly clever, as usual! it is always a pleasure to drop by The Middlest Sister’s home in the blogosphere. This reminds me of a radio show I often listen to where the host asks one guest several questions relating to literature. My favorite question is this: What is one phrase or paragraph from a book you have never forgotten and why. The answer is always a revelation, even if you have not read the book. I have never seen Homeward Bound, yet your one quote holds so much meaning.

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