70 thoughts on “The Scientific Method

  1. Ha! Ha! I actually have an exam on the scientific method today, so I consider reading your post as a good luck charm! :)

      1. I tried this too! along with putting the thermometer up to the light bulb so my mom would think I had a fever… that one didn’t work as well…

  2. That’s some dedication to school-skipping. I would have just poured the stuff on the floor and pretended it was puke. She had real follow-through.

  3. This is even more brilliant than when Elliott put his thermometer against a
    Iightbulb on the movie E.T. Or maybe not because this way the person actually gets sick.

    The other day I almost mixed up for my daughter a purple cow, which I thought to be grape juice and milk…perhaps I need to revisit that recipe first.

    May I reblog this? I’ve been wanting to promote your blog on my site for some time now but wasn’t sure how — aside from requesting you to do a guest post, which, with your time-intensive work, would be like asking you to build my kids a treehouse.

    1. Sorry to disappoint! Maybe next project I’ll team up with my scientist husband to develop a comic that explains scientific principles… and it will be the least popular comic of all time :D

  4. Hello again! I wandered over from Angie’s blog to see what all the ruckus was about. Now I see this place is eminently ruckus-worthy.

    I was kind of expecting vomit executed in confetti at the end. Thanks for not taking us there.

  5. There was a girl in my kindergarden class that could make herself puke at will (without sticking her finger down her throut). Not sure if she had an undiagnosed medical condition or something like that, but let me tell you she was the center of admiration and secret envy ;)

  6. Hahaha I dunno if you remember that classic 80’s movie Heathers, but Winona Ryder specifically cites “milk and orange juice” as a barf-worthy concoction. Of course, Christian Slater switches that concoction with liquid drain-o instead… which just kills their victim instead. But I digress…

  7. I’m one of four sisters, and this reminds me of several times when we played games and the loser had to drink a mystery concoction, created by the winner. Definitely milk and OJ as the base, and possibly some hot sauce for good measure. Cruel!

  8. Reblogged this on Childhood Relived and commented:
    I read in WordPress’ news update that reblogging is back. And since I don’t eat pork, I thought this was way more exciting than hearing news that McRib is back. Though slightly less exciting than when I heard that disco is back. (Turns out the last one was a false alarm. Fortunately, I can still do the Hustle alone at home to my Bee Gees albums. Unfortunately, I can’t return the frosted teal eye shadow.)

    I’ve been wanting to promote The Middlest Sister on my blog for some time now. Amazing, talent up the ying-yang and laugh-out-loud-funny. Plus, if you don’t have the time to read blogs, this one practically reads itself (if that even means anything). Although, don’t hustle through it too quickly (for one, the Hustle is not back). Because the tiny details in her work are the best part. And you need to linger a bit to catch those.

    I thought about asking Nicki to do a guest post on my blog. But if you knew how long she spends on just a single frame of a single post, you would know that this would be like me asking her to give me a kidney or something.

    I urge you to not only check out this newest post but subscribe to her blog. It’s like getting a little dose of happy in your inbox every week. Sometimes twice a week. The frequency really all depends on whether Nicki’s scissor elbow is acting up.

    Important to note, Nicki (the blog creator) is not the middlest sister. She’s the oldest sister. Chrissy, the blonde, is the middlest and apparently the one whose antics made her most worthy of being the featured attraction. You can see for yourself why. She reminds me so much of a certain bratass kid I knew once. Yes, that’s right. Me.


  9. This had me in tears. Reminded me of what my brothers pulled once. They told me they were making me a “special” chocolate shake and I believed them. I slurped it down and at the bottom was a lovely concoction of tabasco sauce, pepper and ketchup.

  10. I love this!!
    I’ve always liked having a good piece of chocolate with a drink of orange juice though…the orange brings out the sweetness of the chocolate, and the chocolate brings out the sharpness of the orange juice.
    does this make me weird?

  11. That sounds like a game my sister and I would play. We’d mix what we found in the fridge and pantry, and the other had to drink it. The only rule – no poison. Fun times.

  12. Scientific Question: did you mix this cocktail before the writeup to see what the color of the mixture was?

    Thank you for Chrissy’s puke noise. I discovered this week that Aunt Charlotte does the same one.

  13. I love your blog! Very creative. This one reminds me of something I’ve always found puzzling…why did anybody ever go to Orange Julius? Orange juice + dairy products = bad news.

  14. This is hilarious! My middlest sister could practically puke on command as a kid, and I’m afraid my daughter might have inherited the same puking gene. So glad to have found your blog!

  15. This should be tagged as a public service announcement. I was seriously sitting down at the computer with a tall glass of chocolate milk and orange juice when I read this.

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