House Rule No. 2 "No Singing at the Table"

House Rule No. 2

You know those annoying people who are always singing to themselves? My dad was surrounded by them.

Charlotte begins to sing "Cheeseburger in Paradise"

Dad hopes it will stop soon

Nicki and Ashley segue into "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off"

Dad attempts to ignore it

Tess begins to sing "Greasy Grimey Gopher Guts"

Dad thinks he recognizes that song

As Chrissy launches into the chorus, Dad cuts her off

"No! No more singing at the dinner table ever again!"

House Rule No. 2 "No Singing at the Table"

Mom sits down and begins to sing "Cheeseburger in Paradise"






84 responses to “House Rule No. 2”

  1. Masala Chica Avatar

    That is awesome. You are incredibly talented. How do you do this? (Or better yet, find the time?!)

    1. themiddlestsister Avatar

      Thanks! I save cards, junk mail, and packaging and occasionally buy pretty scrap paper for the girls’ dresses. Then I just cut it up and assemble! It takes a long time, but I love doing it.

  2. booksnob Avatar

    Your Dad’s eyebrows are the best part of this for me. So expressive!

    1. Rae Avatar

      I was going to say the same thing!

      1. themiddlestsister Avatar

        Poor Dad. He’s always had to put up with so much girlness.

  3. Tyler Texan Avatar
    Tyler Texan

    I’M the girl that goes around singing Everyrhing…

    1. themiddlestsister Avatar

      :D Glad you can relate!

  4. sleepycathollow Avatar

    Parrotheads are always welcomed to sing at my table. :)

    1. themiddlestsister Avatar

      Especially on Margaritaville nights?

  5. Beverly mascio Avatar
    Beverly mascio

    So fun! You are a great talent. And I agree with booksnob… your dad’s eyebrows are great!

  6. The Simple Life of a Country Man's Wife Avatar

    oh, so outnumbered. this had me giggling. wonderful work.

    1. themiddlestsister Avatar

      Poor Dad. We obeyed the rule ever since, though. Sometimes Charlotte still does it, but she is swiftly reminded.

  7. marieltan Avatar

    How refreshingly interesting! :)

  8. rossfinn Avatar

    Reblogged this on infoinno and commented:
    I can relate.

  9. Russ Nickel Avatar

    My dad is always the one singing songs about food. He’s trained me to do the same, and now I can’t stop myself! I think maybe my house rule will be “Must sing for food.”

    1. themiddlestsister Avatar

      Hahaha! Sounds like a great rule to me.

  10. singlecatholic Avatar

    Love it! A great read, as always.

  11. MegansBeadedDesigns Avatar

    LOL! This is so adorable and GREAT!

  12. Geek 20/20 Avatar
    Geek 20/20

    My sister used to put my name into every song she said. Oh how we’ld fight about it :P
    Love you dad, my dad dealt with our silliness the same way!

    1. Geek 20/20 Avatar
      Geek 20/20

      ‘your dad’ I mean

    2. themiddlestsister Avatar

      It’s amazing how sisters always know just how to push buttons.

  13.  Avatar

    These are always so much fun! Love the ketchup bottle.

  14. morristownmemos by Ronnie Hammer Avatar

    Mom is always the last to know…


  15. Charlotte Belanger III Avatar

    Love it, especially mom at the end…so JakiX3!!

    1. themiddlestsister Avatar

      Mom will always be my very favorite singer.

  16. smalltownjane Avatar

    My 4yo is a sing-all-the-timer and it drives me batty (maybe if she could rhyme a little better?)! I can totally get where your dad is coming from, poor guy is totally outnumbered.

    1. themiddlestsister Avatar

      Aw, budding young talent. I think this rule saved my father’s sanity.

    1. themiddlestsister Avatar

      I love their chewing faces :D

    2. Shannon Avatar

      That’s also what I loved! I could tell Dad was getting a little irritated even before I scrolled down to see him go into full “troll voice” mode. Mom, clueless as usual. Looks like any night at my dinner table. You’re awesome.

  17. Micaela Avatar

    Just so ya know…you are reaching a wider audience than you might think…
    My daughters, ages 6 and 8, also LOVE your blog. They even get peeved with me when I read your new posts without them. Their favorites are: House Rule No. 2 and the one about Alien Abduction.

    1. themiddlestsister Avatar

      Aw! I’m so glad they like them! And they like the alien abduction one! That is one of my very favorites.

  18. emmascheesyworld Avatar

    Ha…I love this! I’m always singing to myself (or humming) and my family is always telling me to shush. I even sing at work. I think it’s a subconscious habit, I don’t even realise I’m doing it. Love your work by the way, you are very talented!

    1. themiddlestsister Avatar

      Thank you! You sound like my sister Charlotte :)

  19. Michael Cargill Avatar

    Your poor dad. When you all go round at Xmas does he get really anxious?

    1. bhbkidstyle Avatar


    2. themiddlestsister Avatar

      hahaha! No, we all obey his rule. And we don’t even wake him up at 4 AM to open Christmas presents anymore Now that we are all adults, we’ve calmed down and are now perfectly content to wait until 6 AM.

  20. becomingcliche Avatar

    Jimmy Buffet does not say “potahto.”

    1. themiddlestsister Avatar

      Yeah, it’s more like “puhtaytuh.”

  21. sweetyrai Avatar

    Reblogged this on 360degreeonlinemusic and commented:
    ohhh…wat an idea..this pictures speaks everythn of a nowdays lyf…

  22. muddledmom Avatar

    Well I think we know where you all got it from. So cute! I nearly cried because I could see this playing out at my house. Love it!

    1. themiddlestsister Avatar

      :) My mom is always singing. I love it.

  23. bhbkidstyle Avatar

    Brilliant! My 3 do the same. Oh their poor dad!

    1. themiddlestsister Avatar

      :) I have a little montage in my brain of my father saying “No singing at the table” over the years. The dinner table is a time for peace.

  24. Stephanie Avatar

    this is wonderful!!

  25. notquiteold Avatar

    My father used to sing at the table, “It had to be stew…Meat and beans wouldn’t do.”

  26. whatimeant2say Avatar

    Hah! I am showing this to my dad. He thought he had enough to contend with when it was just me singing all of the time…

    1. themiddlestsister Avatar

      Haha! Poor fathers. No mercy for their eardrums.

  27. The Pencil Pirouette Avatar
    The Pencil Pirouette

    Hahaha, mom saves the day… For the girls anyway. Poor dad.

    1. themiddlestsister Avatar

      :) It became a firm house rule, at least, and we tried not break it!

  28. drewpan Avatar

    Hahahah that’s hilarious!

  29. Angie Z. Avatar

    I love yor dad! I could so relate to his plight, though nowadays my kids are the ones begging me not to sing.

    Is it weird that I’m now hungry for french fries after looking at some tiny beige rectangles?

    1. themiddlestsister Avatar

      I don’t know if it’s weird, but I got hungry for a cheeseburger while making these. I haven’t had a cheeseburger in 6 years, since I stopped eating meat. A veggie burger is just not the same. Sigh…

      1. Angie Z. Avatar

        I hear ya. A juicy cheeseburger. *Sigh* The one bit of meat (well, maybe a nice grilled pork chop) that still looks good to me.

        I have a tasty black bean burger recipe. But, yes, not quite the same.

  30. Bethie Avatar

    This is so much like my house, it’s slightly unnerving. :P I adore this.

    1. themiddlestsister Avatar

      :) Thanks! Sounds like there a lot of kids who sing for their supper!

      1. Bethie Avatar

        There are! Ten of us, to be exact. It was quite understandable when Dad started taking his meals into the next room as soon as prayer was done. :P Well, from singing and because the table got too small. x)

  31. ophelia73 Avatar

    I am pretty sure about 95% of my brain contains song lyrics…poor whomever is sitting or standing beside me. This is fantastic!

  32. amber Avatar

    My dad may have only been surrounded by two daughters instead of five, but he can definitely relate! That was a house rule for us growing up too! This post took me back :-)

    1. themiddlestsister Avatar

      Hahaha! I knew some other households had to have had this rule.

  33. Boggleton Drive Avatar

    The characters chewing their food are so well done. Excellent as always!

    1. themiddlestsister Avatar

      Thanks! I love when they chew.

  34. publikworks Avatar

    The milk jug and ketchup bottle are too fun!

    1. themiddlestsister Avatar

      Thanks! I think it’s so fun to make these tiny little details.

  35. wonkywonderingsofthemoderndaydisabled Avatar

    This made me laugh. A little while ago someone asked me what I missed most about my sister as she had been out of country for some time and my reply was, “I actually miss living in a musica!” My sister, even in her 30’s is constantly singing and dancing around the house.

  36. Melina's HangoutMelina Avatar

    Cute,and now I have the French Fry potatoe song stuck in my head :)

  37. littlemissobsessivesanatomy Avatar

    hahahahahahaha… :D Cant stop laughing

  38. House Rule No. 4 | The Middlest Sister Avatar

    […] house rules: Rule No. 1 Rule No. 2 Rule No. […]

  39. epicaldragon13 Avatar

    I love your tomato ketchup… soooooooo cool!! :)

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