Tough Break, Charlotte

When Charlotte fractured her leg, she got no sympathy from any of us. If she had BROKEN it, we would have given her lots and lots of pity and attention, but a fracture? That didn’t sound anywhere near as dramatic. It was years before any of us realized that a break and a fracture were the same thing. Sorry, Charlotte. You were right, we were wrong, we are the dirtiest things of all.

That Doogie portrait actually exists, guys.(click to enlarge)

"Wanna sign my cast? I broke my leg!"

"No, you didn't" "Um, what?"

"I heard Dad say your leg was fractured"

Well, I don't know what 'fractured' means but look-- I have crutches. I have a cast. I HAVE a broken leg!"

"It's just a fractured leg"

"It's broken. I HAVE A CAST. Are you gonna sign it or NOT?!"


Sticks and stones may break your bones but your leg is only fractured

"Hey, Charlotte! I heard you fractured your leg."

102 thoughts on “Tough Break, Charlotte

  1. Haha, how can I permanently like all of your posts? I love the effect you got of the writing on the cast. Also, where can I buy the girls’ outfits? I really want that skirt and top combo.

  2. Hmmm, this one sounds suspiciously like that “we were on a break” plotline from Friends.

    This is all a big LIE.

    I completely missed all the details in the first panel until someone else mentioned them. Some good work there.

  3. “Fractured” — I remember that word tripping me up as a kid. I thought fractured was like a tiny tear, like a hangnail on your bone.

    The dog’s ears — the exact same dog in the painting. So great. (Gasp! Was this the “Doogie” that Chrissy kicked?!) Along with the real photos. Loved this.

  4. Oh, I can see my know-it-all son saying something like that to my daughter. Hilarious! So many details to look at. I was hoping I would see a post from you today. Thank you!

  5. Loved it! Your posts really are amazing. I’m so impressed with your ability to convey stories so well using inanimate objects.

    My family (parents included) didn’t believe me when I said I thought I broke my wrist. Days later, they agreed to take me to the doctor, who delivered the delightful news that yes, I had broken it. Ah, vindication.

  6. Brilliant as usual and make me laugh aloud as usual. I love the details on the table with the keys letters and the shoes underneath. And I love the eyebrows, but I said that before.

  7. How did Charlotte break her leg? Also, I had the “disbelief” experience in reverse this past August–I fell down the stairs, and broke my foot (right foot, fifth metatarsal, all the way through, with two other hairline breaks near it that the X-ray technician could see, but I couldn’t), but I didn’t believe it was broken. I thought I’d just sprained my ankle, until two days after the fact, when I woke up in the morning to find my foot swollen to twice its normal size, in a pretty frightening shade of purple.

      1. Well, the good thing was, it wasn’t displaced, and nothing was popping through my skin, so the doctor didn’t have to set my foot, he just wrapped it in bandages. I didn’t get a full cast either, just a crepe bandage (and then, on my own, I put an Ace bandage over that), because my foot was too swollen for a fibreglass cast, so it was plaster or nothing, and I didn’t see myself not being able to shower, put weight on my foot, or do anything at all for six weeks. My room was on the second floor of the uni sharehouse where I was living and working as a mentor to eight other students–so, I chose the “slower healing, more mobility” option, and kept right on mentoring. Seriously, five days later, I was hopping around the kitchen on one foot, baking birthday cupcakes for two of my housemates.

    1. Thanks! Life without cheese is hard. I bought Irish Cheddar to go along with last night’s dinner for my family and I ate some. I knew it was wrong, but it was Irish Cheddar. That’s special. It only comes around once a year… As of this morning, I’m back on track though. It’s 8:13 and I’ve had no cheese in my coffee. This is easy.

  8. You guys are so relentless! I had forgotten all about that, how do you remember all these things. Nice tribute to Jeremy:)

  9. OMG, I had an English teacher in grade twelve. I was in OAC 1 English, winter semester 2003, at Barrie Central Collegiate, and my teacher’s name was Ms. Losell. I’d never heard of anyone else doing that before or since, until now.

  10. Loved it! When I fractured my arm, my line was “See? I’t’s not broken! Just fractured!” My family still hasn’t let me live that one down.

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