I Am Right, You Are Wrong Again

I have eaten crowsicle. Typically when we went sledding, we dragged our sleds down to the elementary school or to the big hill behind the library. One day, I was feeling a bit too lazy to make the hike, so I suggested to my sisters that we try sledding down the slope of the beach at the lake. It was much, much closer to our house and I thought it would be amazing to go flying over the ice on the lake. Even though it had been a bit warmer lately, I thought the shallow waters of the lake must surely still be frozen. I know– that makes no sense. Well, I was 9.

The girls peer down the sloping shoreline of Long Lake.

"I don't think it's frozen anymore..."

"It looks frozen..."

"It's not."

"It's still winter, isn't it? Of course it's still frozen."

"Whee! That's what you say when you're having fun. You refer to yourself and some other people. "– Mitch Hedberg

Nicki celebrates her short-lived victory

CRACK! I will never forget that chilling noise.

"I am right! You are wrong! You are the freezingest thing of all!"

Seriously, it doesn't even rhyme.

88 thoughts on “I Am Right, You Are Wrong Again

      1. You know that phrase “Eating crow” that people use when you are humiliated in your utter and complete proven wrongness? I ate a frozen one. Like a popsicle. Like a crowsicle. …um, it’s been a long day… haha

        And YES! I totally did that. I will never forget how cold that water was or the loud crack of the ice just when I thought I was safe.

          1. I suppose it the water was deep, if the temperature was low, or if exposure was long enough. But it was shallow, it was relatively warm, and we lived so close, I was home really quickly. Still, this will be one story where my mom reads it and says “You did WHAT?!”

      1. Didn’t Chrissy already get her comeuppance in last week’s installment of The Middlest Sister, when it came to light that “fractured” and “broken” mean the same thing, and she was therefore wrong to belittle Charlotte’s injury? Anyway, as for this delightful little slice of life, please tell me that Chrissy attempted to help Tess out of the water before mocking her……didn’t she?

          1. So, that’d mean that you’re Nicole, and Tess is the girl on the far right with the long brown hair and purple dress with white swirls?

              1. Oh, it says right up on the top of the webpage, so……you are right, I am wrong, I am the absent-mindedest one of all. ;)

  1. Reblogged this on Ramblings of a Misguided Blonde and commented:
    Perfect blog post for today. There are childhood memories with my brother and sister hidden in their somewhere. If you haven’t taken the time to check out The Middlest Sister yet, you’ve been officially warned – completely addicting!


      1. You’re welcome. Totally in love with your blog, and so is my Mom, who happens to be the middle sister of five :D She’s a blonde too, like the middle figure at the top of your blog.


    1. I had a great many impulsive ideas in my childhood. I cannot even count the number of times I wound up falling into icy water in winter time…. so yeah, not so smart :) Kind of funny ’cause it took a LOT to get me into the water during summer.

  2. The ice “crack” is fantastic! I’m glad you weren’t hurt. I’m reminded of a scene from It’s a Wonderful Life, and George Bailey ended up deaf in one ear!

    1. Me too! Love the “crack” frame. I loved it all, really, but that was meticulously thought out and applied so aptly. Made real impact, so-to-speak. Your posts never disappoint. Thanks to Angie for sending me your way. I’m slipping it in here so you don’t feel the need to reply to my comment. :)

  3. ugh.
    I went ice skating on the lake with my middle sister (I am the youngest) once.
    It was sooo fun. I was so pumped to skate at the lake and see all of my friends. My sister, like 5 minutes into the skate, skated too close to the pier and her leg went all the way into the frozen water.
    I was so bummed. She want to go home!!! grrrrr

    I love this one today. Well done, Nicole!

    1. Ohh, I’ve had that happen to me, too! My sisters and I had little “fairy pond” just in the woods by our house where we would skate. It’s a horrible feeling to have a boot-full of ice water!

      1. The fairy pond was the ultimate deception, but most of my ice-filled boot moments happened in the creek. The hike always felt so much longer when your toes were totally numb. haha

  4. I had a vague recollection of skating on a pond in my youth, falling in a gaping hole in the ice and struggling in a panic to hang on to the edge of the ice, which cracked repeatedly. I floundered, but my skates were dragging me down into the freezing cold water… Then my dad came and heroically pulled me out. I thought he had saved my life up until a couple years ago, when I returned to the pond.

    It was barely knee-deep. Funny how memories are like that.

    Great post as usual!

    1. Chrissy left some blue highlighting foils at my house the last time she was here and it worked perfectly for the frigid lake water. For the ice, I layered a white tissue paper over blue-grey paper. I was so happy with how it came out!

  5. Hi! I too have the ‘CRACK’ sound adhered within my memory banks! Course I didn’t quite hear the crack until after my ‘AIRBORNE Super Saucer’ flew over the bank and into the FREEZIE water! Yea, my snow suite was very crunchy (I’ll never forget that sound either!) However, I’m the oldest, needless to say, I set the bar high for my siblings :) Funny thing is, my brother (the middle one) was rolling down the hill hysterical-he never did try to save me!
    I enjoyed this—-love the felt thing.

  6. your ‘crack’ work is spectacular! as is all of it, really. this reminds me of sledding down the big hill with my sister and the neighbor girls. we got into an argument, and she grabbed the sled and took off. unfortunately, the thin electric fence stopped her by the neck. so scary, but thankfully she was all right. lovely post!

  7. What a crazy, memorable experience! Thank goodness you were close enough to home that you could quickly get warm before getting sic or worse!

    Yeah, if I was your mom right now I would be banging my head against my desk repeatedly. LOL

  8. Still, at least you had fun up to that moment, whizzing down that hill, a pleasure that your sister didn’t experience! In HER face!

  9. P.S., This story reminds me of a sledding excursion of my youth, in which I accidentally rode my plastic orange sled, or pink and purple GT Sno-Racer (I forget which) into the river at the bottom of the ravine. I thought that either the sled would stop before I got to the river, the water in the river would be frozen, or there WAS no water in it at that time. Either way, when I got to the bottom, nature was right, I was wrong, and I was the freezingest thing of all. ;)

  10. Hahaha. The freezingest thing of all!

    You are so awesome, because I did this exact same thing, but had totally forgotten until this very moment. I had no idea that memory was still buried somewhere down there. Huzzah!

  11. Haha this made me laugh, reminds me of me and my younger brothers, but they prove me wrong all the time. Love the art work with this too, it’s so beautiful.

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