51 thoughts on “Stop Badgering Me

  1. WHAT is that? An angry badger or something? I’m going to have nightmares (although as long as it’s a nightmare in the style of paper cutouts, that might be kind of awesome).

  2. The first thought I had was how sad those three little girls looked. I thought it was a rainy day. But the your story unravelled; everything was beautiful outside; the flowers just beginning to bloom, clear sky with a puffy white cloud, and robin catching a worm. THEN came the villain! What a nasty badger it was, with layers and layers of paper to create his nasty face! Charming addition to your collection of cut out memories.


    1. My husband didn’t believe me that North American badgers were so vicious because he had only been exposed to English badger stereotypes. We spent a few hours discussing it on the couch over a holiday. Beer might have been involved.

  3. What were those flowers called that bloomed right at the end of winter but died almost instantly? My memory is failing me, I thought it was crocuses because I have a vague memory of mom telling me they were called that because the croak right away.

          1. I have a recipe for grasshopper pie in a book I got for Christmas, called “Vegan Pie In The Sky,” but it looks really hard to make.

    1. After we moved to Florida, we once had a rattlesnake in our house! Not knowing it was rattlesnake (it was just a baby), I picked it up with my bare hands and tossed it outside. Once I realized what it was, my bravery around snakes flew out the window, and I haven’t picked up a wild one ever since. I guess it’s probably for the best…

    1. Thank you! Your comment inspired me to look at the illustrations with new eyes and it DOES look like felt! It’s all paper scraps, though. Felt is more expensive than junk mail, packaging, and bulk scrapbooking paper :D

  4. Hi Nicole, I come from a big family too, and this blog really strikes a chord for me. I enjoy not only your illustrations, but your humorous depictions of family life. That is why I am nominating you for a T.M.I. Award in my next post.

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