Rapunzel, Rapunzel

I’m back from vacation! While I was at my parents’ house, I had a chance to go through all the schoolwork and drawings my mother saved over the years. She had all our childhood journals and diaries, report cards, and school projects. It was so wonderful to comb through all that old stuff. Here’s one of the drawings I found, a self-portrait Ashley did with our cat Rapunzel:

Ashley and Rapunzel, not to scale.

It made me remember this day…

"You're so lucky you're a cat, Punzy."

"No one ever says you're wicked weird and that you'll never have friends."

Tender pals

"But that's not true, is it?"

Yes, this actually happened.

No one wants to be friends with a girl who would lick her cat.


70 thoughts on “Rapunzel, Rapunzel

  1. hahahahhaaaa remembering when we were kids is kind of creepy
    Yes, there were many good times but we were all just a little bit weird in our own special way

    cute kitty, cute old drawing and really a very sweet memory.

  2. Gross! LOL This reminds me of one of ‘The Office’ episode when Angela licked her cats! Cats rule, dogs drool!

  3. Our youngest is crazy about the cat, and one day asked if she could wash her. I said it wouldnt be a good idea cuz cats donot appreciate a bath. Her answer: “thats ok,my tongue isnt that wet”….Ew !
    So I guess this is not an uncommon thing!

  4. You never fail to make me laugh out loud for real! Too funny! I can totally see a kid doing that.

  5. hahaha Note to self – remember to lick cat when you go home.

    I did try and eat a dog chew once. I thought it must taste delicious. It just tasted of rubber and dog

  6. It’s amazing what you convey with just paper. You really should think about becoming a writer and director! Another awesomely funny post!

  7. I feel like you looked directly into my kitty-licking heart when you made this. (Actually, I never went quite so far.) Oh, how I loved my pets as a kid. Probably why I never had imaginary friends.

    This reminds me of a friend who recently told me her 6 yr old son sweetly said to her that if his beloved cat were a girl she’d be his girlfriend.

    1. I read through poor Ashley’s diaries and she was really hung up on the fact that she didn’t have her very own pet. Poor Ashley. I wanted to reach through the pages to tell her that she would grow up to have amazing pets that she didn’t have to share with anyone.

      That little boy sounds so sweet :)

  8. Reblogged this on Childhood Relived and commented:
    Yes, I am reblogging The Middlest Sister once again. I can’t help myself. And besides, I think the middlest sister Chrissy and 1982-Angie have a kinship. Here Nicki does something I can’t recall doing myself, but I’m certain I would’ve had the thought occurred to me.

  9. But Nicole, I thought you were popular as a child–I mean, according to the T.G.I.F. story, you were a cheerleader, right? Also, is Rapunzel the same cat your dad brought home for the family in “Mouse In The House?”

    1. Yes, the same cat! I was definitely, absolutely never popular. I was a cheerleader the same way kids today are soccer players. My mom signed me up for the Pop Warner squad. There were over 20 other girls on the squad.

      1. Gotcha. I was sort of the same way with figure skating from ages 6-8. I wasn’t that good, and I only got to the fourth badge, Novice I, but enjoyed it, and only stopped because my mom went to law school. This came after “Creative Movement” when I was five–I’d wanted to take ballet, but it was full, so my parents put me in Creative Movement instead, which was more like just really watered-down interpretive dance. We wore pink unitards, and skipped around in circles pretending to be trees and animals, and when we did a good job, our instructor drew stars on our (bare) feet. Even then, I knew it was bogus. But yeah, I was never popular, and I wasn’t really cut out for either of those things (I’m 5’10” now, and I’m pretty much built like a tank), but my parents enrolled me in dance and skating anyway, because I wanted to dance and skate.

  10. this is so cool :) wish that i had had a cat who i could have spoken to about being worried about not having friends. people told me how i was weird and how i would never fit in. i just hope that now you feel more comfortable and that your cat helped you out throughout the years that you needed it :)
    hope you are smiling thank you for sharing :)

  11. Bleagh! XD
    Loved this little strip, I really enjoyed the style, and the sentiment was wonderful. Will definitley be keeping up with your posts. :)

  12. What a great post! I’m in Corpus Christi, TX and seeing the aftermath from the suicide of a high school kid that was bullied all his life; a terrible tragedy. i’ll be sharing your blog on my FB page. Thanks :)

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