69 thoughts on “Meeting Sam

  1. Poor Russ. I suppose it’s not too late. My friend was named Jeannie and she was of course from a magic lamp. She slept on the venician (sp?) blinds to keep an eye on me at night. My mean, MEAN brother found out about her, tackled her, and she never came back. Boo and Hoo.

  2. My oldest son had an imaginary friend named Ben. He lived in the bathroom tiles. Later his Mom and Dad (Moe and Shahshoo) lived with us, too. Odd family, those imaginary friends.

  3. *laughs* Love the story pics! Being an overly creative child, I had many imaginary friends…some simultaneously, some sequentially. The one I remember most was the Black Unicorn, who would take me up through the window in the ceiling whenever I had to take a nap, or go sit in the bedroom to “think about what you’ve done” :)

    Have you ever seen the movie Drop Dead Fred? It’s an awesomely silly movie. ;).

      1. Heh. Yep. It was at the “horse crush” age that it seems most if not all little girls go through…and some never outgrow it! ;) He was awesome. Never spoke, just “talked horse”. Snuffles and nuzzles and hoof taps and stomps…and if all failed, the loudest brassiest whinny I ever heard. :)

        My dad used to make our b-day cakes (I’m oldest of 6) and he loved to paint on them. He painted with a palette knife, while he was using actual paint on canvas, and when it came to the cakes, he used a frosting spreader for the job, and colored his base white frosting with the huge array of food colors he had…paste and liquid and powder, each color had it’s little bowl…awesome.. Wish I could find the pics. Anyway, one year I insisted on having a black unicorn on my cake.

        I don’t know if you’re aware of the difficulties involved in turning a bowl of white frosting into an actual black. Let’s just say it took a -lot- of red. But he managed it, and I loved it, and all my friends and I attacked it…and got totally colored everywhere with purple! My mom had to stand us out in the yard and hose us off before we could go back in the house! *giggles* Sorry for the tangent, it’s just one of my favorite stories, and I though it appropriate to the subject. ;)


  4. Love the vapor trail as you ran screaming from the laundry room. I’m fairly sure that your friend, Sam, has moved into my laundry room. If you ever miss him, you are always welcome to visit him here.

    1. Thanks :) Every time I hit “submit” I think, “Well, this one’s not funny.” I really feel like I need to be writing these as a team with my sisters. Ashley is the brilliant writer, Charlotte is the hilarious comediane, Tess is the sweetly artistic and passionate one, and Chrissy is the snarky and oh-so-inspiring one. Hey! Maybe I can get them to guest post! Yes, I am now officially using this comment to think out loud. Sorry.

  5. As usual, I really enjoy your posts. I am just delighted everytime a post comes out, and this one is no exception. LOVE the facial expressions. The one of fear is priceless!!!

  6. This is right up there with my favorite posts of yours Of All Time. I was laughing before I even saw your artwork — I could’ve died a happy blog fan if I had just read that opening paragraph alone.

    I love that your sweet little innocent heart made Sam a person of color. I can only dream of my children being so culturally inclusive in their imaginations. This reminds me that I need to let them watch more Sesame Street and less Disney bimbo crap.

    1. To be fair, Princess Jasmine is Indian, Pocahontas is a Native American, Mulan is Chinese, and the princess in The Frog Prince is black as well.

      1. Don’t forget Esmeralda…although why not, seems like Disney did. :( I looked all over DW and Disney Marketplace for anything Esmeralda themed, and found nothing. Even the sales ladies said that they kept being asked, but they’d never seen any! *blinks, sighs* Silly Disney…it wasn’t -that- awful a movie! (Ok, ok, it was…but I wanna Esmeralda baby doll!! )

      2. Indeed! Mulan and Frog Princess were a bit scary/violent for our liking so instead we let them watch Peter Pan and hope we have another year with it before they notice that it’s painfullingly racist. Oh, the 50s…what a wonderful simple time it was.

        1. My daughter (just turned 3) was obsessed with The Princess and the Frog. She is super brave (she loves to watch Lord of the Rings, even), but she even she had to hide during the freaky voodoo parts. Tiana is tied with Rapunzel now for my favorite Disney princess. …I wonder what I would have opinions about if I had had a son instead? Heh.

          1. I bought my daughter the Tiana doll and she is well loved. Tangled is such a great movie, too. I love the music and the characters. And sorry, Nicki, to hijack your great post that is completely unrelated to Disney movies ;)

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE like crazy that your imaginary clown friend visited you in his “off’ time… that’s hilarious, and obviously showed your creativity started early.
    My imaginary friend was a motorcycle cop and we cruised the roads together.

  8. I have 10 month old daughter and still I have my that imaginery friend. his name is Suleiman. after my marriage I introduced him to my husband.and haha I cant forget my hubby’s puzzled and confused look thinking whether I got mad suddenly!

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