71 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Is Coming…

  1. Haha, awesome! I love that you got the little black smudges on the used candle too. Did you guys actually have that amazing manatee poster?

  2. What I want to know is, did your mom ever figure it out? The only things I ever get from Dimples are things she made at school – you know, because the teacher told her to do it.

  3. Somehow the value of items given on mothers day increases by at least 50% ! The coffee mug thing happened to me -not realizing it wasnt dishwasher safe, I melted it by the end of the day. (Thanks so much for the follow/visiting; your work is spectacular!)

  4. I’m sure she loved it because it probably made her laugh–later when everyone had gone to bed. So funny. The details are just fantastic. Wonderful as always!

  5. That genius panel of the Tess’s expression in the mirror? *jaw drop* Nicki- are you kidding me?!? How? What? The comedy and detail is just so amazing. Amazing. I study it all and pore all through the little details. (Does that make me a stalker? LOL)

      1. 3 days? Is that all? ;) THANK YOU for spending 3 days. I’m framing it. BTW, that begs the question: what do you do with these panels once you are done?

        1. I file them away so they don’t get faded. Sometimes my daughter claims pieces she really likes and then she plays with them until they crumble away. Sometimes my rabbit eats the panels while I’m not looking. :)

          1. Noooooooo! Naughty rabbit. (Surely, you can do a post just on that!) How about preserving them somehow so they don’t yellow either, frame each whole set in UV protected glass and sell them? Sell the original and giclee copies too? Just a thought…

      1. Nicole said once that, after having had her own room for a little while, she actually preferred sharing a room.

        1. Yeah, cuz sharing a room with me is cool, but sharing a room with her is terrrrrible. :) (I actually secretly missed Nicki in the room when she went to college.)

  6. I`m really blown away by your creativity. What really impresses beyond just your talent, is my amazement over the fact that you are conveying so much detail, actual as well as implied, through simple shapes. It`s deceiving in its simplicity. So much of the `language` of your story is through the see-ers inferences, and the fact that we can `read` exactly what you want us to read is intriguing. You place us right back into `feeling` of childhood right off the bat, and so the experience has more of a `real time` feel to it. Do you want me to keep going here? Because God knows I could.

  7. I second Lori-Ann’s sentiments wholeheartedly. Always a pleasure to browse through your illustrated stories. They speak volumes. Incidentally, your mother must be proud… your sisters too. :-)

  8. I’ve just found your blog via Granny’s Parlour.. and love it! I didn’t laugh when I saw this one though.. it somehow made me feel a bit sad that she felt bad she’d forgotten.. anyway, you’re one talented gal!!!

  9. I’m pretty sure I did something similar at one time in my childhood. Kids are so smart.

    I’ve never seen more “likes” on blog posts (not including Freshly Pressed ones) than on your blog posts. If you don’t get a publishing deal someday, I don’t even know what this world is coming to.

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