80 thoughts on “Jaws

  1. Awww! What a good mom! Was Jaws one of those really big pop-eyed goldfish? Jimmy had several incarnations of black pop-eyed goldfish he named Gargasz. The first Gargasz went on a honeymoon because he got married. The second Gargasz went to Cleveland to find his long lost brother. Oddly, those are the most well traveled fish who never seemed to make their way home. Hmmm……

      1. And thus the tale of how Carl came into our lives! My son won a carnival fish tossing a plastic ring onto the neck of a glass coke bottle. Ta-da! We owned a fish. That was a Saturday. And then came Tuesday, and “Goldie” was no more. Fortunately, we had just read a Berenstain Bears book about Sister’s goldfish – shockingly named “Goldie” – dying. So, before the first tear hit the floor, we were off to the pet store, where we found a very low maintenance, less nap-prone Beta, who, of course, my son wanted to name Goldie 2. And I cleverly said “Uh no.” 19 months later, Carl is still an active – albeit quiet – member of the family.
        For sure I should have used the old “going to the city to visit his cousin” bit. Maybe next time!

    1. We actually have a goldfish that’s been in the 1.5 gallon tank since August! The key seems to be to not clean the tank…

  2. Aw, how sweet! I had a similar experience except it was a friend who bought me a goldfish for my bridal shower (kind of weird, I know). Anyway, she was also my roommate in college, and one of the two fish she got me died two days later. I felt bad because she was so excited about them, that I ran to the pet store and bought a new one and she never knew the difference. I had those two fish for the next four years until they finally died. I cried for both of them.

  3. I don’t think any of us will ever know exactly how much our Mom’s did for us under the radar. That’s what makes them Moms.

  4. Hi five to the mom once again…she’s actually always my favorite character in your stories, even when she doesn’t arrive in felt ;).

    My dad pulled those kinds of magic tricks for me…keep up the great work! ~ Kate

  5. Thanks Katherine! I am finally a star:) And Nicki, your Jaws story was right on, you are awesome!! MOM

      1. oops…meant to reply to themom reply…hello whatimeant2say…yeah, guilt is a tempting parental tool. two of mine are old enough to call me on it though, so it is becoming less fun ;) .

  6. Haha my mum did this with a beta fish that I had when I was kid. The difference was that she can’t keep a secret to save her life, so I found out two weeks later.

      1. Dear Nicole, Thank you for joining my group of friends and family who read my blog,
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        provide endless examples of precious life situations. I am glad you are blogging about yours so eloquently.
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  7. Hey, I just had an idea–the pet store should issue punch cards, so that, when you buy, say, nine, goldfish/hamsters/turtles/whatever, the tenth one is free. It’d be perfect for parents trying to protect their children’s innocence, and delay having the talk about death.

    1. Wait, I have an even better idea–for people who have pet fish in simple glass bowls instead of proper aquariums, why not just put some mesh fabric over the top, held in place with an elastic band, in between feedings? That way, the fish can’t jump out.

  8. Wow, the gift of a gif for the Mother’s Day. Brilliant!!! :) Love the material used to make the glass in the fishbowl and the plastic bag! Happy Mother’s Day to you and your mom.

  9. There are so many fish stories I could tell, so I will have to edit myself. When my boys’ rather large bottom feeder flipped out of the tank alive and flopping around like a thing possessed, I screamed hysterically like a mad woman, and my startled boys ran out the house and brought back the tough kid who sometimes beat them up. Tough kid laughed and scooped some tank water into a margerine container to transport the disgusting thing down to the creek. To tough kid’s credit he didn’t chase me around the house with it, even though I had from time to time “had chats’ with his mother that were not in his favor. Tough kid sat with me until calmed down, actually patting my back at one point, then he and the boys brought that limy terror to its new home where it would never scare the crap out of me again.

  10. Cute! You know…in the way a dead fish story could be cute. That didn’t come out the way I wanted it to. What I really wanted to say was I’m glad I logged onto my Google Reader just now because this story reminded me that I forgot to feed my fish today!

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