Five thousand people have now subscribed to The Middlest Sister. Five thousand! Holy cats! You guys are awesome! To thank you for reading, commenting, sharing, and otherwise making this blog a success, I’ve made you a surprise. Below are cut-paper versions of the avatars of 50 of the top 100 commenters, randomly selected. Click on the images to be taken to their blogs :) Here they are in no particular order:


Thanks for reading, guys!

104 thoughts on “5,000!

  1. These are so awesome! Holy carp in the sea, I’m stoked. I can’t wait to show this to my friends! Thanks, Middlest Sister! You made so many people’s days.

  2. Wow, this is such a creative and thoughtful way to show your appreciation for your readers! And I was so excited when I noticed my avatar – thank you!! :D This is an amazing post, as always! Also, congratulations on 5000 followers – that’s incredible (and well deserved!) :)

  3. Congratulations on 5,000! Looking at all these blogs you’ve linked to, I think that I’m now following 5,000 blogs. Which is a kind of milestone, right? PARTAY!

  4. I aspire to just 50 followers, much less 5,000. Your hand-cut gravatars take the cake, Nicole. I right away recognized many of my favorites, and I didn’t even have to roll my mouse over them. Well done, girl!


    Also, thank you! this has made me incredibly happy! wheeee! yay! *does a cartwheel! wheeeeeeeeeeeeee! hahahah <3

  6. This is the most awesomest of awesome surprises ever!

    Congrats on the subscriber milestone. You are so friggin’ talented that I hope many more thousands of people get the privilege of getting to know your work. And I can’t believe how noble I am to really, really mean that (despite being so eaten up by jealousy that I can hardly stand it.)

    ps. good move adding the names to your banner.

  7. Holy smokes, Nicole! What a wonderful tribute to some of your subscribers! I can only imagine the amount of time you spent making this avatars. What an incredible treat. Clearly, you’ve earned your 5,000 subscribers on talent, kindness, and gratitude. Nicely done!

  8. Hahaha I love the image you did of me :) I’m gonna place that on my blog!

    Very well done on 5000 followers, it’s very well deserved!!

  9. Wow, what an honor, thank you!

    You should know by now that I covet your talent, it’s absolutely amazing. And congratulations on hitting the 5,000 mark — that’s incredible.

  10. This is seriously awesome and seriously impressive. Seriously. ;) I can’t get over it! Thank goodness for Angie because how was I so in the dark about you and your crazy talent?! And seeing so many of my bloggy buds in felt (and other) form is probably the coolest thing ever.

    Congratulations!! Here’s to 5,000 (or 5 million) more! And also, thank you so much for including me in your Blogroll – what an honor!

  11. Congrats, you deserve it! I’m so honored to be included, I never thought I would see a paper-cut version of my cartoon self!

  12. Reblogged this on Ramblings of a Misguided Blonde and commented:
    This week’s edition of The Middlest Sister celebrates 5,000 followers. I’m even featured as a cut-out avatar as a top commenter. It is very cute!!! Congrats! What an achievement! I’m looking to clear 200 followers myself.

  13. Always admire the cut-paper works..they’re soooo nice! And these avatars are awesome, too..*wondering if you’re gonna make me one, too, lol…* of course I can’t be categorized as your top commenter and visitor..lol..*just in case..;-p

  14. Just amazing that you took the time to recognize your commenters. That is so special.

    Epic congrats on your milestone of 5K followers. Truly outstanding.

  15. Wow, awesome! I still enjoy your blog. I don’t follow many, but this is one of the few I actually do follow! Keep up the great work, I really enjoy it!

  16. I cannot believe you do all your images… As in, cut them out and paste, etc., WOW!!! Great job, what a talent! -CAT

  17. *swoon* NICKIIIIIIIIIIIII !!!! Thank you so much for the WONDERFUL gift of my avatar!!! Totally using it. I TOTALLY recognized my avatar immediately. Great work! Glad I used my good picture! Totally obsessed with your blog, as you know. Catching up since I’ve been unable to get onto WordPress from Viet Nam (government is not great about letting folks use certain sites). This is the BEST ever from a blogger. How kind of you to give us followers a shout out.

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