95 thoughts on “Good Night, Sweetheart

      1. It is HYSTERICAL!!!!! I’ve had those moments of opening your eyes and seeing a ‘body’ and be a child. But being shocked as hell! OMGolly you should be getting paid TONS to do this!!!!

  1. Ha! I used to talk a lot in my sleep as a kid, and I remember one time I was yelling at my brother in a dream really loudly, and my dad came storming in to yell at my brother but the poor kid was asleep. I say it’s retribution for all the times he tormented me and didn’t get yelled at!

  2. hahaha this brought back memories! You could set your watch by our (my 3 sisters’ and mine) sleeptalk episodes! the youngest had a somewhat unsettling phase where shed bolt up, yell at sister#3 not to go with Michael Jackson, all blood-shot eyes and furious, and go back to sleep grumbling :S

  3. hahahha my sister still does that in her sleep! She is 21! sometimes it’s hilarious while at other times it’s plain hilarious! LMAO!

  4. I love when you do digital clocks or timers! I only remember sleep walking a few times as a kid and it freaked me out. I awoke sleeping on the floor once next to the stairs. Sleep talking is what my husband does…I still make fun of him for the night he was saying “robots” over and over in his sleep.

  5. Hha this is perfect!
    One time, my sister yelled at me in her sleep because I was texting. It was “bleaching the posters on the wall,” according to her. xD

  6. My brother used to sleepwalk as a kid. It was creepy, because he does it with his eyes open sometimes, and it’s like something out of The Omen.

  7. Oh my God, this was hilarious! I have friends who talk in their sleep, it’s really rather funny. Love the Alt text, by the way!

  8. My brother and I both used to sleepwalk all the time as kids. I would walk around the house and have entire conversations, most of it gibberish. Once he mistook the laundry hamper for the toilet. My poor mom.

  9. My son sleep walked as a child. Your shadow figures are very familiar to me. My husband worked midnights for years and once I awoke to the stranger’s shadow hovering near the door of my room and I was petrified. Then I realized it was my son who thought he was in the bathroom but was in actual fact standing in front of my fan. I stopped him in the nic of time.

    1. Haha! Good catch! Shadowy figures in the dead of night always give me a scare. I had a life-sized silhouette painting of myself in college that used to startle me every time I walked past it. Eventually, I had to put it out by the curb.

  10. Too funny! I apparently carry on full blown coversations with people in my sleep to this day. Obviously my half of the chat makes absolutely no sense.

  11. Hilarious!

    My freshman year roommate in college had arguments in her sleep. Her parents were from India, and although she’d grown up here in the US and spoke English without an accent, her sleeptalking was always in Hindi!

  12. Great use of that shadow figure. My sister sleep bad-talked me. One night she screamed out loud “Spectra You GROSS SLOB!!!”

    The next morning I was unconsolable and remained angry at her for the whole day. Or until something else irritating distracted me, like broccoli for dinner.

  13. Hilarious!! Never a dull moment, right? :) I’m a sleep talker myself and have had convos with other sleep talkers – or so I’m told.

  14. My brother! He had the whole house up one night. “Get The Treasure!” he was screaming over and over, as he ran through the house. The next morning at breakfast my mother casually asked him if he had found the treasure. He said, “Did you dream about a treasure too?”

  15. Another time, I sleepwalked out of Aunt Chrissie’s house, and no one would wake up to let me in. :( I was really scared and cold by the time I woke up, which really confused me. I wound up ringing the doorbell very late, and Aunt Chrissie felt so bad, she wrapped me in a blanket and stayed on the couch with me until I fell back asleep. Then in the morning, she made a really special breakfast. Oh wait, that was every morning at Aunt Chrissie’s house.

  16. My wife sleep walks (less common), sleep argues with me (common), sleep whacks the crap out of me for snoring (nightly). The “best” thing about a sleep argument is that it is a surreal unwinnable rollercoaster ride to hell for everyone.

  17. Purples and grays…nice for backgrounds depicting nighttime. And that clock. Perfect.

    So glad to not have sleep-walkers in my house. Only sleep-pee-ers and sleep-snorers. And sleep-walk-and-climb-in-bed-with-mom-and-wreck-her-sleep-ers.

  18. LOL! I used to do laundry in my sleep. I also scream in my sleep. Luckily, my darling husband could sleep through a train going through our room. He never even woke up! At least if I’m murdered in my sleep I’ll go to heaven knowing his sleep wasn’t disturbed! Do all little kids sleep walk? My oldest used to sleep walk when he had to go potty. I was always afraid he’d pee in the living room because he’d wander around aimlessly looking for the bathroom!

      1. Wow……..if I was your mother, I would have unbunked the beds (and reconfigured room-sharing arrangements if necessary) after the first time that happened. Either that, or I would have replaced the carpets in the big bedroom with gym mats, lol.

        1. I’m sure we didn’t tell her about it. It was fun to have bunked beds! I even miss it now. I used to love to read with my feet propped up on the bed overhead, and that’s where I stashed my treasures… notes from friends, stolen cookies, favorite hair accessories.

          1. I’m surprised that neither of your parents ever heard anyone fall out of their top bunks–I mean, you said yourself that your dad was an insomniac.

  19. This trailer reminded me of your blog. It is for the new movie Prometheus, but it was re-done entirely in paper cut-outs! I think only you will truly understand how hard it was to make it.

  20. Haha! Great post. I love your cut-outs! Your dad’s expression is awesome lol
    I’m a sleep-talker. I can only imagine how weird sleepwalking must be…

  21. Nice work on your dad’s expression! Panel #3 is awesome with the “startled awake” orange thingies … my technical term for your artistry. How do come up with this??? Do you have a design background?

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