A Dad Story

My dad has hundreds of stories, each of them funnier than the last. I’m sure I haven’t even heard half of them yet. In honor of Father’s Day this week, here’s one of our favorite childhood tales of Dad’s… the time he went skinny-dipping in the town’s water supply. Hope you enjoy it! Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

137 thoughts on “A Dad Story

      1. Ha, so true, Nicole. My own naughty-swimming tale is set in a Lynchburg, VA Country Club pool where I learned to snake up a light pole to reposition cameras toward the stars.

      2. Good point…..besides, it’s not the exact same story, really–in “Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood,” the four friends get arrested together–in fact, they go to jail willingly, because the holding cell is cooler than the hot house that they were seeking refuge from in the first place.

  1. Your dad’s stories… are they true? That does not matter, now, does it. All that is real is the joy of telling and the joy of listening. Each story is a treasure. Sometimes we forget these treasures when we focus instead on past disagreement or feuds. On Fathers’ Day, it is time to change the channel and replay the real stories, the ones that are uniquely dad and that connect families in unique, unshakable ways. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I think the censorship (done in those cute little pink cotton-candy clouds) made the story more realistic, because I was imagining Nicki’s father teling the story to Nicki and her sisters, and replacing the swear words in his telling, in order to preserve his daughters’ innocence.

  3. This was awesome! It’s stories like these that help me get through raising kids, ya know? I figure if we can actually survive whatever they put us through, it will make a great story one day. Fabulous. I love this one.

  4. Your dad is a legend (this is based on this story btw not a personal knowledge). What a wonderful way to share his story. I’ve spent my morning searching out funny blogs and yours has made me laugh, laugh, laugh. 10 out of 10 for originality!!

  5. I *almost* peed my pants from this tale!!!! (Not hard to do after having 3 kids … but I digress.) Holy Sugar. I LOVED the lighting, censored words and the moons (in the sky and in the buff)! The black-out bars. Hahahaha! How did you do the lighting? BRILLIANT!!!! Please check my email about having this print with the entire panel. Please ?!?!?!? With sugar on top! ;)

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