250 thoughts on “A Little Me Time

  1. That was extremely creative! I just wonder how much time you spent doing the pictures? Wow, my hats off to you. This is one of the most inventive blogs that I’ve seen yet. You so deserve to be freshly pressed!!!!!! Congrats!

  2. You got freshly pressed again! This means you’re more awesome than awesome. Congrats! From another middle sister :P

  3. My initial impression – it was like taking a trip down memory lane. Great choice of materials love the way you blend the light and the shadow; you definitly have an eye for detail, very creative.

  4. Hahahaha Ashley is such a morning time bully. That gameboy on the floor is a true testament to what time you’re portraying…only at 5 am would it be lying on the floor, not being used.

  5. Wow, that must have taken quite some time. You must be glad you went with photos and not stop animation haha

  6. Grrr I never get any me time, my little sis always wants to sit with me, or play with me! I hate being the middle kid.

  7. I am the middle sister so I can def relate, we got overlooked. But I was also mean to my little sister at times and regret that. I def changed in the future to be a good big sister especially as adults.

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