250 thoughts on “A Little Me Time

  1. This is fascinating work and that’s coming from a fellow artist. This had me chuckle a couple of times and i found it awesome how much it captured true life settings. Great work and keep at it cause it seems like you got a good thing going here -,o


  2. This is fantastic, as always! Mom and dad being asleep worked wonders to stop arguments in our family too… ;) And congratulations on being freshly pressed for this post – it’s very much deserved! :D

  3. youre so talented and this is great catharsis!..i felt a sad almost like i was there in those pictures..btw i am the middle of three sisters..felt ur pain n joy totally..more more

  4. I love this…for me I’m the late waker-uper or give-me-five-more-dang-minutes-mom type of person. I always get the last pick of cereals. The Cheerios are always gone by 8:00. I must get up earlier.

  5. I am one of 5 children too… the first four are girls, the last is a boy, however… and I’m the last girl ;) but talk to my ‘middle sister’. You may get along.

  6. I want to comment on this because its as close as I’ll get to Freshly Pressed. P.S. Great job on the details expecially the tv reflection. Pretty neat ;)

  7. Aaaww. It’s so cute. Reminded me of what I used to do too.
    Sometimes you just gotta make some time for yourself, no matter how old you get.

  8. These are so soothing to look at! Maybe it’s because I’m a Taurus and we are supposed to love looking at fabric and textures and things…looking at each picture makes me feel like I can hear the scissors and the fabric, and that I can touch each piece in ways I imagine that it feels. So cool! Good for you!

  9. This is amazing – I’ve been enjoying getting your posts in my inbox every week as they always make me smile (and often laugh out loud), so good to see you Freshly Pressed! Congrats!

  10. Hooray, Nicki! How did I miss this being on the homepage? Happy Freshly Pressed again! I’ve always thought you should be Freshly Pressed every week. All your posts are worthy — truly. And I especially loved this one.

  11. wow, what a brilliant mind. so funny, did you really made those artworks? awesome! ..I’m doing actually that “me time” most of time. haha. I dunno but i just find the inner peace when everyones not around and you know..doin your own stuff. :)

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