250 thoughts on “A Little Me Time

  1. This is beautiful and funny! It makes me remember the time when my younger brother,5, and me 14. I was watching ANIME and he wants to watch Cartoon Network and the next thing i know, he’s throwing the angel figurines everywhere because i won’t let him watch. hahaha. Nostalgic, this post!

  2. I was able to get back onto WordPress (from here in Viet Nam) and the first blog I checked was yours. A double smile as this one is FP’d! CONGRATS Nicki! And I love the artistry on your entire site. The new header with the names is AWESOME! The buttons below? GENIUS! And I just have to mentioned the lighting on these panels … how you darkened it to present the wee hours and the glow of the TV screen. BRILLIANT. Again. :) Thanks for all the hard work. It’s noticed!

  3. I’m the middle child in my family as well, two older brothers and two younger sisters. I have come to appreciate the impact of this fact on my life as I get older. I see how different my experience of youth was than some of my sibblings and how that has shaped the people we are today. I am very close with a couple of my sibblings but couldn’t have less in common with others, very interesting. Thanks for posting this and bringing back so many memories. Oh, and congrats on being freshly pressed! Take care.

  4. This is pretty cool. Nice work! :) I’ve just seen this post on Freshly Pressed (congrats! :) ) and so I don’t know much about your blog yet, however, is this an ongoing thing? If not, it should be! :)

  5. I love the story line, and it’s so true. I know that for me, being the only girl in a house full of brothers growing up I had to learn to demand “me” time as well. And it was definetly a fight ;) I love this!

  6. Loved it…The Middlest Sister. I’m the youngest of two sisters. I know what it is like. Loved your cuttings and excellent facial expressions.

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