76 thoughts on “Christmas Baby in July

  1. Wow, I’ll feed my kids anything that makes them go to sleep early! How bad would I be if I fed it to them everyday?………….Skunks are the worst!

    1. Yikes! Ashley had a childhood friend with a pet skunk who was “de-skunked,” as Ashley put it. I was always incredibly jealous that I never got to meet it. AND my parents refused to even consider getting one for our household.

    1. :) You can be sure that the rest of the girls were looking dolefully out the window, hurting as only children uninvited to the party can hurt. Am I saying Ashley deserved it? Noo….

  2. Ashley singing in the backyard in her pj’s…I want a t-shirt with that screen on it.

  3. Awwww! Poor thing! I bet grasshopper pie could make her forget all her troubles.

    Squish and I both have birthdays in the December dead zone. I feel Ashley’s pain. But I must say, we never experienced the skunk thing. She must be a Capricorn.

    1. Grasshopper pie is so delicious and wonderful. It could make anyone forget their troubles…. especially if they ate the whole pie! Chrissy’s birthday is also in December. There are a couple weeks in December when Ashley and Chrissy are the “same” age. Chrissy would crow about it and make Ashley so mad… I’ll have to do a comic about that this December! :D

  4. Great idea to celebrate a Christmas birthday in the summer!

    I grew up with dogs who got skunked at least once every summer. The smell of tomato juice and skunk never truly leaves. Great post!

  5. So funny. Why on earth would it spray them if they were in the tent? Stinking skunk. My son’s birthday is in early February and even then we always deal with winter weather or sickness. One year he’s going to need a summer birthday party.

    1. They are also lucky it wasn’t the neighbor’s ram! He often escaped from his pen. Dad would leave the house for work only to find that damn ram standing on top his car. It was wonderful!

  6. Really? One skunk incident, and no more summer parties? Summer is MADE for fun, cheap birthday parties–at the park, at the beach, in someone’s backyard pool, or just a simple barbecue/picnic type setup with outdoor games. It’s not as if camping is the only option. Please say that Ashley didn’t get cheated out of friend parties forever just because of that one little mishap.

    1. Where we grew up, there weren’t too many people with backyard pools. Unless you count the plastic kiddie pool kind. We were more of a lake-going people. :) I liked my December birthdays, don’t worry! Plenty of rollerskating/tea party/sweater parties!

      1. Oh, okay. By the way, I forgot the most obvious alternative–indoor sleepovers. Did you and your sisters and friends ever do that?

    1. LOL Peg! Dang. I can’t think of anything clever to respond with (which kills me on Nikki’s blog because her posts are so intricately fabulous). Case in point, my current thought: “Well, that party stinks.”

      I’m sorry, Nikki. You deserve better. Luckily you have Peg.

  7. Oh dear, I just noticed the titles of the images when I hovered my mouse over them. It’s like inception, a story within a story. Amazing.

  8. Tell your sister to holiday in the southern hemisphere over Christmas. New Zealand’s nice, and we have a summer Christmas. Sucks to be Santa but it’s ok for the rest of us.

  9. Hahahat that’s terribly unfortunate! But I can absolutely relate because my birthday is actually on Christmas. Everyone’s busy. I did the same thing once. My mom let me have a summer swim party with a magician and it was the greatest. There had to be a reason we only did that once though…

  10. I’m thinking the Grasshopper pie recipe needs to become known. I’ve never heard of it but if it can knock out some rambunctious tweens I’m all for it. If it works on husbands…even better.

  11. As someone whose birthday falls mid-January, I can quite happily boast that I have never been plagued by a skunk in the middle of my birthday party. That is why January birthdays are great. (PS. The picture of the girl munching away in the tent is literally genius.) :)

  12. Where I live, we have a skink problem too. Especially in the summer. Imagine living in a non-air conditioned house, having to rely on opening every door/window to let what little summer night breeze to cool off, and then having some random punk skunk decide to take a leisurely night stroll. Next imagine me and hubby frantically running to each and every door/window and slamming it in attempt to keep the skunk smell out–and then sweating our butts off in the heat of our now breezeless home….



  13. Reblogged this on Ramblings of a Misguided Blonde and commented:
    This one has to go out to my little sister E., whose birthday is also just after Christmas. Poor thing, every year she had to celebrate her birthday before Christmas with her big sister (me – my birthday is Dec. 18). This post is just too funny!

  14. LOVED the dancing girls panel – especially of the sis in the footies pjs. Yes, I’m sitting here with a cup of coffee as I’m reading this! :) Hope you are having an awesome summer Nicki. :)

  15. Um, I realize I’m months late to this party, but i don’t know how I missed this one.

    Grasshopper Pie sounds amazing. I need to force my kids to eat some. Right now.

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