104 thoughts on “An Ounce of Prevention

  1. Being a kid who had allergy shots twice a week for years…I was more of a whimpering mass when the nurse and needle came near. Although I did look like that when the battle-ax nurse had the needle! She always gave me a huge lump in my arm!

  2. This is great! I was more like that when my parents had to pull a super dangly tooth. And I remember some really early days of having to go through that with my kids, but thankfully they have outgrown it. Your poor mom.

    1. Haha! I actually had an alternative ending to this one where Chrissy just throws her head back and screams even louder (which also happened), but I thought the lollipop line was just slightly funnier and truly, truly Chrissy.

  3. my doctor used to ask my sister and I what flavour shot we wanted and while we were thinking about it he would give us the shot and it would be done and over with before we could protest or howl – love your “art”

  4. This is hilarious as always! It reminds me of the kids I’ve seen at the doctors that act up like that then expect a reward!

  5. I just love the facial expressions in this one! I’m always amazing at how perfectly you get the expressions across with the cutouts! Fantastic, as usual :D

  6. HI Chrissy,
    Yes! It brought back memories. Loved the part at the end where she wants a reward for
    bad behavior. Just like a child. The strip made me chuckle. Thanks for the laugh.
    The Teasel Lady

    1. I think Chrissy is, too. I always suspected she overplayed things for the drama and extra attention she would get, but I think she was and is sincerely terrified of needles.

  7. lol! I love the fact that she’s running in her underpants she so frightened! I could totally see my Tony doing that!

  8. OMG Nicki, this TOTALLY reminded me of taking my 3 kids once a week to get shots for our move to Vietnam! Each kid got 2-3 shots per arm each week for 4 weeks!!!! That doctor’s office did not have enough lollipops for my kids! LOL. Nice work again. That shot/needle must have been TEENY to make! :)

  9. Brillianty observed as always. I don’t remember getting shots as a kid, now I’m worried I’m susceptible to every strain of everything out there

  10. Hysterical! I was once in a doctor’s office waiting to have them take some blood.There was an 8 year old boy ahead of me and he was screaming like he was being murdered. He kept yelling things like, “Mom, how can you let them do this to me?” and “Where are you going with that needle?” Everyone in the waiting room felt sorry for him, but more for his mom and the poor nurse who was drawing his blood.

  11. When I was five, I had to get a measles vaccine, along with a cursory physical examination, before starting kindergarten. Anyway, I was brave–I even ripped open the package that the needle was in–and, I sat quietly through the shot, and my mother took me to the park afterwards, but while we were there, I was kind of subdued…..I couldn’t put it in words, but it was the first time in my conscious memory that two adults I trusted (our family doctor, and my mother by proxy) had inflicted pain on me “for my own good.” So, back to the story, we were at the park, and I was standing alone by the swing set with my arm still hurting from the shot, and the next thing I knew, I turned around, and my mom was there with a black-cherry ice cream cone for me, and then I was happy again.

    1. Pain is inflicted for our own good, but as children we do not understand. I know you Mama
      was making up for the pain your endured like a good soldier. But we cannot escape the
      pain, no matter how hard we try to shield ourselves and our children from it. We have to
      learn that “pain is sometimes our friend.”
      Becky Pinckney
      The Teasel Lady

      1. It was just a shot……and I got a trip to the park and an ice cream cone afterwards, so in my five-year-old mind, that settled the score. Besides, I knew what was happening beforehand (okay, my mom told me on the drive over), and I knew that I had to get a measles vaccine to start kindergarten, so it’s not like I was traumatized or anything, and my arm stopped hurting later that day. But, looking back, as an adult, I think kids have to get too many vaccinations these days–I remember getting five, maybe six in my whole life (I’m 28), and now there are all kinds of new ones, for things like chicken pox (normal childhood illness that comes with the added bonus of a week off school), and a HPV vaccine for girls who’ve barely hit puberty. I’m also not so sure that vaccines should be done in school, because then the kids who are scared of needles get teased by the ones who say they aren’t, the smart-alecky bully kids torment the others by saying that the needle is “THIIIIIIIIIIS BIIIIIIIG!!!!”; and teachers hate it, because the kids are too anxious to concentrate in class, and there’s always some class (usually one of the “creative” classes, like music, drama, or art, that “doesn’t really matter anyway”), that has to be cancelled so the kids can get their shots. But anyway, Nicki, I love your work–could you please do another “I Am Right, You Are Wrong” story in the near future?

  12. So, so good, Nicki. You captured the vaccination experience for so many of us. I remember FREAKING OUT at the thought of a shot. I would avoid going in to the doctor for even a mild cold in fear that it would end with me getting a shot.

    Have I said before that I think Chrissy and I have a kinship? She seems to have reacted to things so much like I did.

  13. Yessssss, ahahahahaha, me and Jakob read this and at the end we were both bustin up laughing, gotta love the request for a lollipop at the end.

  14. Haha I used to be the exact same, although my doctor was a bit more vigilante with me, “Stop being a wuss” *BAM*

    1. Really? *BAM?* I hope not literally, because that could traumatize a child, not to mention leaving bruises.

          1. It was a she, she injected me that hard lol! It would have been awesome if she gave me a “BAM” along with it.

  15. Now, c’mon. Are going to say that Chrissy was the only one to freak out at shots? Did you just sit there like a little angel?
    This was great! Only problem is the speech bubbles covered that chart of the human body – I’d really like to see your interpretation of the spleen.

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