41 thoughts on “Bad News

    1. Oh, is there really a Chessie? I just discovered last summer that Lake Erie has a Bessie! (Also called Lemmie, short for Lake Erie Monster!) I wonder how many there are worldwide :D

      1. There is also supposedly a similar animal in Lake Champlain in upstate New York as well as a one (or many) in a lake in Washington State and Canada where sightings have been made. Who knows??

  1. That little bit of string as her shoe lace is the cutest thing ever. And Nessie is real. She lives in my pond at the bottom of my garden. She’s a lot smaller than people think.

  2. Oh. Yes. I know this pain. I still talk about the days when you could buy Bonkers candy. A lot. Okay. Maybe it’s not quite the same.

    But. I know you understand.

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