110 thoughts on “Sentimentality

  1. I loved this post! Before even getting to the end I was wondering if it was the baby teeth they’d lost that she was keeping! Wonderful and absolutely fantastic facial expressions, as always!

  2. Haha. That’s awesome. My sister’s long-distance boyfriend left one of his baby teeth on her bedside table as a token of love. This was a year ago and I’m still disturbed.

  3. I can’t bring myself to throw out my baby’s umbilical stump. Is that odd? When she loses her teeth, I will always keep them! By then there should be some Pinterest crafts for them ;)

    1. Ha! It’s not odd. I know a lot of women who kept the umbilical stump. I threw it away, but I felt like a bad mom for doing it somehow. And also maybe a bad citizen because I’m not sure that was supposed to go in the trash can.

    1. Thanks! I always feel so excited when I finally finish a comic and it’s uploaded and ready to publish… but then I remember the hover text. The hover text is wicked hard.

  4. I kept a snippet of hair from each kid, which is kind of funny considering my son’s is an extremely long curl that looks like it’s from a girl (he had a major comb-over). But, no, we don’t keep any other body pieces. My son’s umbilical cord took seven weeks and six days to fall off. I was ready to see it go. And no, that was not the longest my doctor had seen one stay on.

    Great art as always. Kids are hysterical.

  5. I have baby curls from each of my kids’ first haircuts. If they turn on me, I can always make tiny little voodoo dolls out of it. Maybe that’s why your mom kept the teeth?

  6. First of all, I love that the dog is eating the Scrabble pieces. I had a lot of fun trying to figure out what was in your mom’s jewelry box – the discovery was perfect!

  7. Snooping in your mom’s jewelry box! Did you ever do that and then try to put everything back exactly the way it was? We did. She’d still know like two hours later. “What were you girls doing in my room!” ha ha good times

    1. I am trying to imagine what I would do with a jar of my own teeth, and I just can’t. Maybe just give up and start a teeth collection and fill up one of those glass lamps? But then my friends would probably stop visiting, so… I really have no idea.

  8. This is awesome! It’s good to know that my sisters and I weren’t the only ones who found a pile of baby teeth with our Mom’s jewelry!

  9. I just love your blog, and have been meaning to tell you how much I appreciate it. Your artistry is amazing, and the details, I love it all. This is another great one, and I can definitely relate, I keep all my son’s teeth too and still hoping he does not find them! :)

  10. Reblogged this on whatevertheyaint and commented:
    This is crazy but true. A relative whose name I won’t mention did the same thing with all my aunt’s stuff; to say I wasn’t tripped out by it kid would be a lie.

    1. Ha! Maybe when my daughter starts losing hers, I’ll have her place them under the pillow and then brush it with goldleaf and put it back. She can figure out what to do with it herself :)

  11. so funny…conversation too…this is one of my “if I was a good mom” worries I had several years back…save them? good heavans, I could barely stay focused enough to welcome the tooth fairy in the night when our youngest came and the older two were popping them out like no tomrrow. When our “middlest” was onto the fairy thing, but not telling, I did a big basket of toothbrushes etc. and a sorry note. Didn’t work so well. I do have the outfits they came home in as newborns, but otherwise…oh crap. We moved and I’m still looking for the one missing that belongs to..of course! Our middlest.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. It’s crazy how many things you find to worry over when you are a mother. I remember how guilty I felt tossing out that umbilical cord. I guess if I REALLY loved her, I would have had it bronzed, haha

  12. Seriously, Nicky, you have NOT seen an umbilical cord for Show and Tell! No way! Hope the kid brought it in via a ziplock bag. Did the mom know about it? And the monologue that accompanied the used tissues? Hahaha! Loved the art, as always!

    1. Oh yes I did! But the grossest thing was when a boy brought in a shoebox full of his own fingernail and toenail clippings. That still disturbs me. Sure, the used tissues should have been the grossest because it IS gross and I have a problem with snot… but it’s the shoebox of nail clippings that haunts me in the night.

  13. I kept most of the kids baby teeth in a glass vial, and even a few that the cat left for me to find. When I think of all the things my kids found and saved, baby teeth seem quite tame in comparison.

  14. I knew, it, I knew it! I knew she found the baby teeth!!!!!!!!!!
    My girls found theirs in my jewelry box a few weeks ago, when they got angry with me and raided it. They did not get freaked out or upset just said: “Now we know that your are the tooth fairy,ha!” – in a big triumph.

  15. I agree! So yucky. I got a couple adult teeth pulled in middle school when I got braces and couldn’t believe the dentist sent them home with me in a little pink box. What am I supposed to do with those as a 13 year old?

    I always love spotting Doogie in here.

  16. Oh my dear, sweet Lord, Nicki. I have a whole little compartment of my kids’ baby teeth in the back of MY jewelry box. It must be a bred-in-the-bone Mom thing – who knew???

  17. When I was a kid, I kept my own baby teeth. It didn’t gross me out until I saw them later……and, for some reason, it REALLY grosses me out now.

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