35 thoughts on “Playing Cards

  1. I always tried to join in with adult conversations. They were so interesting back then. Now I’m an adult I find kids’ chatter to be more fun. Oh the paradox!

  2. I love paper-memere…and this particular one pulled a little harder on the ol’ heart strings than usual.

  3. Oh my goodness! How long did it take you to do the cards! They’re amazing! I can’t remember ever seeing quite this level of teeny-tiny detail in your posts before. You broke the mold here. (And wouldn’t it be great if you had a mold? You could just pop them in and out? Wow. Seriously don’t know how you ever get one of these done in a lifetime.)

    The donkeys and elephants and “blah, blah, blah” was such a perfect way to depict the political smack here. Love this one!

  4. Lol this is soooo relevant to me. We just got back from a weekend at the cottage, and my dad & mom retaught me how to play euchre!! No politics were had but there was a lot of convo that I just ignored lol

  5. hey, middlest, have you ever animated any of these? made them move? it reminds me so much of a classier, more elegant, south park in its early beginnings… xo, sm

    1. I have tried. It takes a looooong, looooong time. The best I’ve ever been able to do is this little gif of my husband playing his guitar:

      Which, as you can see, is very far from perfect :) I did enjoy the animation process, though, and will try again in the future when I have a little more time on my hands!

  6. Alas, it’s donkeys and elephants on Facebook these days … I loved those itsy bitsy clubs, diamonds and spades. Are you hands all cramped? And that card games sound complicated!!

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