72 thoughts on “Halloween in New England

  1. It seems Halloween has been cold for years now. I remember it being much warmer when I was little. Maybe I just didn’t feel the cold so much then. ;-)

      1. I was wondering when someone was going to ask! She is supposed to be Mr. Cotton the hamster, but potato/manatee also works :D

    1. Where I live now, people tend to hand out candy in their driveways, where they set up little fire pits so that the trick-or-treators can warm up between houses. It’s a really cute tradition!

  2. Just like Halloween in Alberta, except there was often snow on the ground. My mom got creative and used our coats as part of the costumes one year when my brother and I went as ghostbusters.

  3. Love it! Great job…the Polaroid gave me some serious flashbacks. I wouldn’t know about being cold for Halloween. In south Texas, it was always hot and balmy and our masks would steam us up. They would come off in between houses so we could breathe. Have a Happy Halloween. Thanks for this…so much work!

  4. Awww, how cute! We were never allowed to go trick-or-treating, my mom was overly protective. It looks like you guys had a blast!

  5. You had enough members of your immediate family to hold your own party. How fun.
    The cute costumes were covered up by the warm coats, so did anyone have to ask
    who or what you were?
    Rebecca Pinckney The Teasel Lady

  6. I grew up in Minnesota and we had freezing cold Halloweens every year, too. One year, my grandmother made me the most elaborate “I Dream of Jeannie” costume, which was really more suited to summer being made of chiffon with an exposed midriff. Of course, that was the year of the big Halloween blizzard, so I was bundled up from head to toe in a full snowsuit, braving high winds and snow drifts to go collect my candy. So instead of Jeannie, I ended up being the abominable snow monster, as did all the other kids.

      1. Nope. The next year one of my sisters got to wear it, since it didn’t fit me anymore. The next year, my mother made me an M&M costume, which fit over my snowsuit. Lesson learned, I guess!

        1. That’s the way to do it, although you kind of lose the cute girlish air. My favorite costume in Southeast Alaska was the pumpkin costume my mom made me when I was twelve. The coat went underneath. The candy and cold hands got tucked inside. Not so sexy, but it was perfect at 58 degrees north..

          1. After years of stuffing my beautiful princess costumes inside a snowsuit, I was glad to have one I could wear on the outside! Even though it wasn’t beautiful or cute. It was basically like wearing two giant pillows, so they did help keep me warm. Fortunately, being the oldest of 7, I was always the one who got a brand new costume and the other kids all had to wear hand me downs. :-D

        2. Really? That’s sad…….although, dress-up isn’t just for Halloween. There are also birthday parties, spirit days at school, talent shows, summer camp, and also, when I lived in Australia, I’d occasionally see people (kids AND adults) walking around wearing costumes on an ordinary Saturday. Nothing like running into Sailor Moon on the way to the grocery store. :)

  7. Thanks for such a great post. I forwarded it to my brother (he loves your work too…and is an excellent artist himself so that speaks volumes) and we had a good laugh about it since our mom also made us homemade costumes and also always made us wear our coats. No warm Halloweens in my part of the world either :(

  8. all of my costumes were designed to go over a snowsuit as a child. Lots of capes, too, for added warmth. Witch? black cape. princess? pink cape. red riding hood?… red cape. I love your stories and pictures :)

  9. I’m Canadian, so I’ve run into that problem too. Hey, has anyone here ever opted for an indoor Halloween party instead of or in addition to trick-or-treating?

    1. Betsy–Why don’t you continue the tradition on your own? You could always make yourself a homemade Halloween costume. This year, I think I’m going to be the Paper Bag Princess, and a few years ago, I made myself a pretty awesome spider costume from pantyhose, grocery bags, and string, that’s currently on the “Coolest Homemade Costumes” website. Here’s a link: http://www.coolest-homemade-costumes.com/coolest-homemade-spider-costume-13.html

  10. Nicole,
    This is beautiful. I haven’t read you a great deal yet. But this is wonderful. You will see more of Le Clown. Your craft is magnificent.
    Le Clown
    PS: Enough with the superlative. Pfft.

  11. People in warm clients no nothing of our Halloween struggles! Last year there was a Halloween blizzard in New York.

  12. wow, i bet you get to hear this all the time but your work is fantastic, i have never read your blog before and I shall most certainly be back! c

  13. I live in Northern California. October, especially Halloween, becomes very chilly. I make costumes for my kids every year and there are times when I forget to consider the weather when drafting and sewing. Most of the time, I finish the costumes the day before or day of Halloween. And just like you, my children’s costumes–the ones I spent so much time on–get covered by their jackets. :( This year, I started sewing early and the husband reminded me of the weather. One of my child’s costumes is Ballerina Princess. The leotard and tutu is already done. Now I’m brainstorming a way to add something into the costume to keep her warm.

  14. Ha! This was SO true in the Midwest as well. You’d put all kinds of effort into the costume, then end up hidden under a winter coat and/or an umbrella.

    Great, great costumes. I especially love Tess as a baked potato. :)

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