Leaf Piles





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  1. mskatykins Avatar

    Nicole, I love everything about this! Fantastic work! I am so pleased your father didn’t get angry… I suppose he just expected you girls would undo all his hard work! But that’s what dry, crispy leaves are for! ;)

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Thanks :) I still love running through leaf piles. It’s so hard to resist!

      1. bhbkidstyle Avatar

        Of course, you are. One of the best things about autumn!

  2. catharsishungry07 Avatar

    So damn Cute!!!!
    As always!
    Love your posts! :)

  3. mango1531 Avatar

    this is fantastic! love it!!

  4. morristownmemos by Ronnie Hammer Avatar

    Love this episode, love the slugs and love the stars in the girls’ eyes in the first picture.

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Thank you :) This one took a long time to put together!

  5. She's a Maineiac Avatar

    Ha! My dad did a lot of that very same sighing when we were growing up.
    This takes me right back, Nicole. I can almost smell leaves now! And oh yeah, the slugs. My brothers would stuff them along with a bunch of wet leaves down my back. oh ,joy.

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Oh, yuck! Being young ladies, we did not touch slugs. We stuffed salamanders down each other’s shirts :)

  6.  Avatar

    great works, thanks,


  7. Dounia Avatar

    This is so fantastic, as always! I think a lot of dads must sigh like that… When we were kids we had a really big yard, which meant a lot of raking for dad, and a lot of leaf piles for us! To be fair though, once we were done, we did try to help rake them up again, and we helped pile them into bags too…After we had had our fun though! :) Thanks for always bringing back such great memories with your amazing artwork! :)

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      We had a big yard, too, and right next to the woods. I definitely made for the best leaf piles!

  8.  Avatar

    Hi, I read this email just after I had raked and swept up a pile of autumn leaves. How appropriate
    to enjoy the seasonal fun that colorful leaves afford us.
    Rebecca Pinckney
    The Teasel Lady

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      :) Happy autumn, Teasel Lady!

  9. Micaela Avatar

    Love this one!! Brilliant, as usual.
    I can so relate to Nicki’s hesitation at first – I was always suspicious of messy fun as a child, like there was probably a catch to it, as in, say, unseen slugs?

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Haha! The truly wise child looks before she leaps.

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      :D Yes, the poor, poor man.

  10. muddledmom Avatar

    My kids do this to my poor neighbors! I hand them a rake and make them fix it when they’re done. ;) I think the temptation must be the fact that something is neat and orderly. They just can’t stand it! Wonderful work!

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      The temptation is so strong! It’s just so satisfying to hear the crunch and see the leaves fly everywhere!

  11. whatimeant2say Avatar

    Ah, the memories! Loved those leaf piles! I seem to have blocked out the slugs, though.

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      I got slugged multiple times. Bleh.

  12. Geek 20/20 Avatar
    Geek 20/20

    I love the SLUGS!
    *Sigh* we had evergreen pine trees in the garden. I think jumping in leaves should be a crucial part of childhood!

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Thanks! I agree! Pine needle piles don’t sound nearly as nice.

  13. Curly Carly Avatar
    Curly Carly

    I jumped into a few slug piles in my time…that’ll make you quit jumping in leaves real quick.

    Great post, as always!

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      I’m not alone! Thank you :)

  14. Ms. PC Avatar

    I love this too much for words. Go you.

  15. missemmalou Avatar

    Today was the first time that I’ve ever raked leaves, and it’s hard work! It looks so easy when other people are doing it. Love the post, and slugs are gross!

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Isn’t it? I always get blisters and have sore shoulders after the first yearly rake.

  16. mycraftcave Avatar

    dam slugs gotta ruin all the fun.
    so funny!!!

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Thanks! There’s nothing like a cold, slimy slug to ruin everything.

  17. Caasi Tica Avatar

    Creative and hilarious!!! :)

  18. jell jell @ I'll Sleep When They're Grown Avatar

    Not to mention it kind of HURT to land in those things. I always thought the leaves would pad it more, but you’re basically throwing yourself on the ground. But I still did it!

  19. afterthekidsleave Avatar

    I went out for a walk yesterday and saw leaf piles…was still tempted, all these years past my youth, to run, jump and land.
    A beautiful, creative reminder of childhood fun, Nicole!

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Thank you, Wendy! It takes a lot to be a responsible adult and not go flying through other people’s leaf piles.

      1. afterthekidsleave Avatar

        Hmmm, I also hold myself back when it comes to puddles. You can take the girl out of childhood, but you’ll never take the childhood out of the woman. Or something like that.

  20. pegoleg Avatar

    Boy does this bring back memories. Except for the slugs in the leaf pile. Really? Ewwwww!

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Really. And multiple times, too. Slugs. Ugh!

  21. Rae Avatar

    Haha, please, please, create a slug font! I want to type all my letters with it!

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      If I knew how to create a font, I totally would.

      1. Rae Avatar


        Can you finish it in time for my Christmas cards?

        1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

          If I do, I hope you know I expect a Christmas card.

  22. bhbkidstyle Avatar

    Those stars in the eyes tell everything!
    I don´t jump into pile of leaves anymore although very tempted every time I see one. I still kick piles of leaves up in the air, though without hasitation.

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Yeah, I kick through leaves whenever possible, too. It’s one of life’s simple pleasures :)

  23. Miranda Gargasz Avatar
    Miranda Gargasz

    Oh, I laughed right out loud at this! I had a similar experience, but, where you had slugs, we had salamanders. *shiver*

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Wow, really? I would have LOVED that. We were always looking for salamanders down by the creeks and then bringing them home. I got in the biggest trouble I had ever been in the day I drenched Chrissy’s bed with cold water and stuffed as many salamanders as I could find under her blanket.

      1. Miranda Gargasz Avatar
        Miranda Gargasz

        OMG! I’m sure your mom was fit to be tied!

        1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

          Oh, yeah. It was the baddest thing I ever did as a kid.

          1. Emily Avatar

            But, you were probably retaliating something equally bad that Chrissy did, right?

  24. dpbowman Avatar

    I will never forget the autumn when I went from Pile-jumper to Pain-feeler. Guess I didn’t rake enough to cushion my fall! Now I rarely rake them….I say let nature clean up after herself! Now, sledding, there I’m still a fan….but as a father of 4 it’s tiring on the up hill pull! ;) (Love to see that one illustrated!)

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      I still rake them, but it’s mostly because of peer pressure from my neighbor with the perfect lawn. Seriously, his yard won an award.

      1. dpbowman Avatar

        And yet there are more of us than them! Lawn snobs! ;)

  25. ifna'ssharingcafe Avatar

    wow…. it is really an amazing one…. i’ll be glad if u follow back my blog… :D
    keep doing something interesting dear….!!!

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Thank you :) Best of luck with your blog!

      1. ifna'ssharingcafe Avatar

        you are welcome… btw.. thanks for joining my blog..!!!

  26. Tin Roof Press Avatar

    love the slug font!

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Thank you :D It’s always fun for me to play with letters.

  27. Anonymous Avatar

    Great job! I love these! Can’t wait for more ;D

    ♥Some-girl-named- Mary♫

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Thank you so much, Mary!

  28. Pete Howorth Avatar
    Pete Howorth

    Even at 27, I feel that I’m still not too old to play in the leaves.

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Me neither. I hope I never am.

  29. Emily Avatar

    Awesome cartoon, Nicki!!! Totally worth waiting for. Anyway, I also loved jumping and playing in piles of leaves as a kid, but I hated the slugs (and the re-raking) as much as you and your sisters did. However, I stopped jumping in leaf piles when I was ten, and I accidentally landed on my ankle while leaf-jumping.

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Yeouch, that sounds terrible!

  30. Go Jules Go Avatar

    Ha! I LOVE how you spelled “slugs” (I’m sure I’m the ten thousandth person to say that)! Genius!

  31. Michael T. dadicusgrinch.wordpress.com Avatar

    Your artwork is so cool and the stories captivating. I don’t know why, but when I look at your blog, it relaxes me–I think it’s finding the beauty in a simple homespun craft. Awesome concept! Thanks for your hard work.

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Thanks, this comment made me smile.

  32. IP lawyer Avatar

    Ahahaha. Warm memories of times spent in leaf piles with my own sisters flooding back now ^^

  33. Angie Z. Avatar

    YUCK. Slugs in the leaves for you; dog poop in the leaves for my kids.

  34. shaynekay Avatar

    OMG! Add me to your fans!

  35. GiggsMcGill Jill Avatar

    I think my dad is SO glad we don’t have leaf piles!

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  37. […] jump right into this with the Middlest Sister and her most apropos vignette titled Leaf Piles… I just could not […]

  38. BubliBeauty Avatar

    So damn funny .You’re very creative. I loved all your cartoons .thanx for sharing :)

  39. Charity Avatar

    Hmm, that second screen… makes me think that Nicole is the angel on the shoulder and Chrissy is the devil :). So funny :D.

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Yay! I was going for that! :D

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