88 thoughts on “Leaf Piles

  1. Nicole, I love everything about this! Fantastic work! I am so pleased your father didn’t get angry… I suppose he just expected you girls would undo all his hard work! But that’s what dry, crispy leaves are for! ;)

  2. Ha! My dad did a lot of that very same sighing when we were growing up.
    This takes me right back, Nicole. I can almost smell leaves now! And oh yeah, the slugs. My brothers would stuff them along with a bunch of wet leaves down my back. oh ,joy.

  3. This is so fantastic, as always! I think a lot of dads must sigh like that… When we were kids we had a really big yard, which meant a lot of raking for dad, and a lot of leaf piles for us! To be fair though, once we were done, we did try to help rake them up again, and we helped pile them into bags too…After we had had our fun though! :) Thanks for always bringing back such great memories with your amazing artwork! :)

  4. Hi, I read this email just after I had raked and swept up a pile of autumn leaves. How appropriate
    to enjoy the seasonal fun that colorful leaves afford us.
    Rebecca Pinckney
    The Teasel Lady

  5. Love this one!! Brilliant, as usual.
    I can so relate to Nicki’s hesitation at first – I was always suspicious of messy fun as a child, like there was probably a catch to it, as in, say, unseen slugs?

  6. My kids do this to my poor neighbors! I hand them a rake and make them fix it when they’re done. ;) I think the temptation must be the fact that something is neat and orderly. They just can’t stand it! Wonderful work!

  7. I love the SLUGS!
    *Sigh* we had evergreen pine trees in the garden. I think jumping in leaves should be a crucial part of childhood!

  8. I jumped into a few slug piles in my time…that’ll make you quit jumping in leaves real quick.

    Great post, as always!

  9. Today was the first time that I’ve ever raked leaves, and it’s hard work! It looks so easy when other people are doing it. Love the post, and slugs are gross!

  10. I went out for a walk yesterday and saw leaf piles…was still tempted, all these years past my youth, to run, jump and land.
    A beautiful, creative reminder of childhood fun, Nicole!

  11. Those stars in the eyes tell everything!
    I don´t jump into pile of leaves anymore although very tempted every time I see one. I still kick piles of leaves up in the air, though without hasitation.

  12. Oh, I laughed right out loud at this! I had a similar experience, but, where you had slugs, we had salamanders. *shiver*

    1. Wow, really? I would have LOVED that. We were always looking for salamanders down by the creeks and then bringing them home. I got in the biggest trouble I had ever been in the day I drenched Chrissy’s bed with cold water and stuffed as many salamanders as I could find under her blanket.

  13. I will never forget the autumn when I went from Pile-jumper to Pain-feeler. Guess I didn’t rake enough to cushion my fall! Now I rarely rake them….I say let nature clean up after herself! Now, sledding, there I’m still a fan….but as a father of 4 it’s tiring on the up hill pull! ;) (Love to see that one illustrated!)

  14. Awesome cartoon, Nicki!!! Totally worth waiting for. Anyway, I also loved jumping and playing in piles of leaves as a kid, but I hated the slugs (and the re-raking) as much as you and your sisters did. However, I stopped jumping in leaf piles when I was ten, and I accidentally landed on my ankle while leaf-jumping.

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