Bloggers for Movember

Hi guys! You may have noticed my shiny new badge on the front page of the site that says Bloggers for Movember.

That’s because I have joined the league of bloggers who are raising awareness for men’s health issues in the month of November. And you can, too!

To raise awareness and to have fun doing it, I am announcing my first contest. The first place winner will receive a signed fine art print of their favorite panel from The Middlest Sister AND will be a guest star in an upcoming comic in December. The second, third, and fourth place winners will receive a cut-paper header for their blog or a cut-paper avatar– your choice.

Do you want to enter? It’s so easy! Just leave a comment here telling me that you have liked the Bloggers for Movember facebook page, have added the Bloggers for Movember badge to your blog, and/or that you have donated to the Blogger for Movember team (US or Canada.) For every one thing you do, your name will be entered into the contest, up to three times. Contest closes on November 21 at noon EST.

Winners will be chosen using and will be announced here on November 23rd.

47 thoughts on “Bloggers for Movember

  1. To quote Meatloaf as people invariably do, Two out of three ain’t bad. In that I’m on the Facebook page, I’ve got the badge on my blog (published three Movember posts) but I’m not from USA or Canada. Who should I swear allegance to being British?

    And I have the beginnings of a tache but only as I am always bestubbled, so I would have the elements of one if I shaved the beard bit.

  2. Great contest! I’ve liked the page; added the Bloggers for Movember badge to my blog and am running a Movember series of posts until the end of November; and am donating 1/2 my royalties for November book sales to the Cancer Society. :-)

  3. Liked and Badged–2 out of 3. I’ll donate tomorrow when we get paid! lol Also, whether I win or not, I would completely dig a cut-paper header for my blog. Do you do that? Do you have prices worked out for that sort of thing?

  4. Liked and badged! I’m actually attempting to grow a moustache this year but I have a baby face so its hard :( I guess I could just scrawl on my face with permanent marker.

  5. Nikki! I’ve never wanted a prize so badly. You are amazing. And now there’s a mustache on your blog – I didn’t think it could get any better!

    So far I’ve liked the FB page and have the badge on my blog.

    1. Jules,
      Isn’t this the greatest contest? It made me forget I had kids, until my youngest one started crying with preposterous requests like: feed me, Clown Dad, feed me….
      Le Clown

  6. I have the badge, and a Hugo Movember photo shoot that rivals any photo calendar created by an elementary school student. So that’s what….5,000,000 entries?

  7. Nicole,
    This is the best contest I have read so far. I will send this contest to Adam Garone. He will love it. And I will share this post tomorrow on our Facebook page. This is so very well-thought-of, and the prizes are great. Good luck to all contestants, and thank you for doing this, Nicole!
    Le Clown

  8. I’m helping out with a movember contest as well, but THIS is just awesome! Loved the banner you recently did for Le Clown, can’t wait to see what you come up with for the contest winners!

  9. OK. I already liked the FB page and added a badge before this post. Does that mean I lose? I plan to write Movember post…can I get an entry for that? How about if I shave a moustache into my leg hair?

  10. I like pretty things, and your art is oh so pretty and FANtastic. I like it so much I would enter the contest even if I didn’t win.
    I have put a mustache on my page and liked Bloggers for Mo & have donated elsewhere. I have a friend who’s father just passed away from prostate cancer so I am donating to her own personal campaign. I think that should count, because we’re all in this together and the money all goes to the same important causes.

  11. Hello! Great idea, Nicole. I have added the Movember badge to my teaandtantalisingtales and to spinelesswonders blogs. I have hit the Like button on the facebook page and I have already sponsored my brother who is part of the Toronto Movember team. You can check out his progress here: mclaughlin

    Also, on the 2nd of November I posted my own Movember skit over at SpinelessWonders. Here it is:

  12. Hi Chrissy, I am your new biggest fan, so I did all three things you asked–I even donated to 2 guys I know who are on the US team. So I donated twice–in case you want to put my name in an extra time:) You are awesome. Thanks for promoting this very important cause. Keep up the great work!!

  13. Okay, badge is now on my newly create blog because it didn’t really work with my ballroom-danicin’ theme so I thought, what the hell? The world needs another blog written by me, so there you go. Photo of me in a moustache and donation to follow within the next 24 hours. Love your awesome blog and have been inspired tonight by you and some other awesome bloggers to expand my little corner of the blogsphere. Thanks! I’m looking forward to more of your fantastic art!!!

  14. I liked the page and have the badge on my blog as well. But I’m lame, I still have to put my own donation in–I keep yelling at people to donate for my contest but I keep forgetting to donate myself.

    And more people need to be part of your contest, this is great! I’m sorry I haven’t stopped by earlier. And I am in awe of your artwork and how much love and energy must go into it.

  15. Oh, Hi! I heard about this contest. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to stop by. I’ve done all those things…liked the Facebook, have the badge, and I’ve donated! Please throw my name in there! Thanks!

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