208 thoughts on “Oh, Christmas Tree

    1. That’s a portrait of my great grandmother :) She sat for her portrait wearing a very fancy gown that only had one shoulder. It was painted when she was a young woman, and she looks very glamorous in the real portrait– nothing like a caveman, I assure you! :D

        1. There’s really only so much detail you can do with collage, but Nicki did a beautiful picture of her Pepere that way–you should check it out. :)

  1. Ha! I’ll have to show this to my husband. He would love a Thanksgiving tree. As it is, I have to beg him not to put the tree up so early every year (it’s already up at our house).

    Love the sparkly lights! :)

  2. Funny, as always! The turkey on the tree reminds me of the year we lost our Christmas Star so my daughter went into her room, found her skunk Beanie Buddy, dressed it in a bridal gown (esp made for Beanie Buddies) and brought it out to me, offering it as a replacement for the Star. We’ve had a Christmas Skunk every year since.

  3. First of all, I’m trying to figure out how you did the lights. Awesome. (I assume the mystery has something to do with the fact that I’m a Photoshop failure.) Second – is it okay if I believe the red dangling ornaments are really strips of bacon? Because nothing says Thanksgiving tree like ornamental pig parts.

    1. Just an easy filter with my photoshop knock-off, GIMP. It’s a free linux version that I highly recommend. And YES my mom did that. She is hilarious. These comics just write themselves.

  4. I would probably do that if I didn’t hate putting up the tree so much. The question is, how long did she leave the tree up? You didn’t have a Valentine’s one too, did you?

  5. I love the turkey topper! Us Canadians get Thanksgiving taken care of in October, so it’s fair game for Christmas from mid-November on! I’m not sure if it’s just me, but it feels like everyone’s trying to start extra early this year in particular, though.

  6. Keep doing your art. I just love it. You are such a talented girl. Keep sending to Mom so she can let me see them I wait for the next one all the time. You really out did yourself with this Thanksgiving one I just love it. Your humor comes from your Mom we love her

  7. Hahaha! Why have I never thought of turkey on a christmas tree! Then we can have a heart for Valetine’s day, a mom for mother’s day, dad for father’s day, etc! Keep it up all year round! =D

      1. Hmm…….I’m not sure I can really get on board with the idea of the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day trees, because if you really loved your mother and father, you probably wouldn’t hang them from a tree. Also, Nicki, I have to ask, did your mom later take down the Thanksgiving decorations from the tree, and re-decorate it for Christmas?

    1. Simple. A lot of stay-at-home mothers feel like their only “achievements” in life are in the domestic arena–cooking, cleaning, gardening, raising kids, etc. However, meals get eaten and have to be made again each day, the house gets dirty after being cleaned (as does the laundry), and gardens will wither if not tended regularly. So, running a household is a thankless job, because the rest of the family only notices what doesn’t get done. As for the kids, well, you can read all the parenting books on the market, and do the Baby Mozart/Suzuki violin/Kumon math/French immersion thing all you want, only to have your child run in the other direction. A lot of working moms feel this way too, except with the added stress of having to balance career and home, and feeling stigmatized for not being able to give 100% of themselves to both things, even knowing that that’s mathematically inaccurate, and knowing that SAHM’s often get lambasted for being “lazy,” and “lacking ambition.” However, Christmas is something of a “redemption” for both sides, because it’s an opportunity to create memories. Now, these memories rarely come from having everything look and be “perfect” (food, decorations, lights, “Santa Claus” fulfilling each child’s wishes completely), but the media manipulates people (all people, not just women) into thinking that it can, to the point that it pervades everyone’s collective consciousness. Most people see all those cheery “holiday” messages, and either like it or hate it, but a lot of women (especially mothers) see it as something that they feel they have to attain themselves. Of course, other holidays and events (Thanksgiving, Halloween, birthdays, etc)., can incite similar feelings, but Christmas is the biggest one, because it gets dragged out for about three months each year.

      1. And that is why the Elf on the Shelf is evil. Yet another thing to stay up late to do after the kids go to bed. If you remember. And then you have to make up lies about it. And then you have to witness all the clever things crafty moms do with their Elves (they must let their kids watch a lot of TV so they have time for things like that!). And the Elf doesn’t really inspire enough good behavior to make it all worthwhile. But, I guess, seeing my daughter whisper to him and write him notes and make him an umbrella and other gifts sort of does. Almost.

  8. My husband and I joke that he’s going to one day quit his job and invent “the fan-tastic Christmas tree” which will be sort of like a fan (if you can remember the 3-D fold-out paper holiday decorations that teachers used to hang from the ceiling in school) that you can flip/open to whatever holiday, whether an Easter egg tree or a Halloween tree (we never thought of the Thanksgiving tree!) and thereby allowing you to never have to take the damn tree down.

    Second thought, maybe this shouldn’t be a joke. Patent pending…

  9. Did you wear pilgrim dresses in the dinner scene? I wish i had thought of this. I’ve been longing for the first of December. Decoration will have to wait ’til Saturday

  10. Ahhhh hahahahaha, my favorite frame has to be Mom hugging the Christmas tree branches as she takes them out of the box. Hahahahahahaha

  11. Ha! This is awesome!!! I love the dinner table scene – with cheeks full of food even! So, so great! I’m so glad you got freshly pressed. A little late, but so much better than never!

  12. Wow! I love the art style you use! Also, I tend to be that way, especially when I saw Christmas-related decorations and such near Thanksgiving. :)

  13. This reminds me of my mom. She doesn’t go as far as a tree but she does play the dreaded Christmas music. In fact I just did a quick little post about it.

    BTW your art is SO cool! Really creative!

  14. This reminds me of what my brother did on Halloween. He put up the Christmas lights on my folks house to combat “the day of the devil” in his mind. Kids still went there to trick or treat…confused but otherwise wacky. Typical of my family. Super great post. Love it!

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