208 thoughts on “Oh, Christmas Tree

  1. That’s really common all over the world :D
    My mom in Italy did the same. We have to say that it’s nice to have that touch of magic for more days, really we can also keep a little bit of magic every day of the year.

    PS: I support fake creative Christmas trees!

  2. How nice! Another blogger I like and follow, (although surreptitiously), through my sister’s blog, Pegoleg, getting Freshly Pressed! Congrats to you! Very creative.

    Wish I could retire and do something besides teach HS students who don’t give a care about their own future.

    Enjoy the usually fabulous (I’ve heard) FPd ride!.

  3. These are so expressive!
    My daughter just came home from a play date with a “felt care package” and the beginnings of a scene in felt with a magical unicorn.
    And, ugh, my mom gave us an Elf on the Shelf… before Halloween. I was going to leave the guy hangin’ on a certain shelf, but then she MOVED him when she came over to visit and my daughter noticed. She taught my two-year-old to spot the Elf… “Elf” is now part of his limited vocabulary. The Elf is our sole Christmas decoration, and I remember to move him a few times a week. He taunts me about my inadequacy as a mother.
    Just as your blog post taunts me about my inadequacy as a crafty mom (just kidding).
    Congrats on the FP!

      1. Ohhhhh! Well, whether they’re made of paper or felt… they are brilliant and one of the most unique and funny things I’ve seen in a long time. I have that “I am right, You are wrong” song stuck in my head, btw. Thanks for that…

        1. Ha! Oh, I am so sorry! I have been punished enough, though– my small daughter memorized the song when I was editing it, and she STILL sings it to me whenever she is right and I am wrong. Torture.

  4. Clever, and the idea is appropriate for the season. What I really appreciate is the amount of work involved in telling the story with your fabulous pictures. Your technique and medium is very different from anything I’ve seen before.
    Great job!.

  5. I’m so glad I found you! I happened across your blog in the summer and loved it, but then I forgot the name of your blog. I knew I wrote it down somewhere, but I couldn’t find it. I’m glad you got Freshly Pressed, now I don’t have to scrounge around for that paper [:

  6. I love your tree. I also loved just watching our tree with all the lights and decorations. Then I would sing to myself, Oh Christmas Tree, thy leaves are so unchanging … Oh Christmas Tree,such pleasure do you bring me… I guess it is the unchanging part that I like. It is all about family tradition.

  7. Freshly Pressed! Hooray! And now the world will know about the fan-tastic Christmas tree/revolving holiday decor I plan to launch soon! Oh…I guess that’s not good since the patent is still pending.

    I’ve said it before but I really don’t know how you’re not Freshly Pressed every week.

  8. Love, love, love your blog. The facial expressions have me in stitches! This particular post reminds me of the time my mom put up a Christmas tree in April. True story.

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