Giveaway Winners

Just a quick post to announce the winners of the Bloggers for Movember giveaway…

The winner of the fine art print + guest appearance in a comic is MsKatykins!

A, Pete Howorth, and JackieP, you guys each receive a custom header for your blog or an avatar!

Please send me an email claiming your prize and we’ll discuss the details :) Thank you all so much for participating. You guys are the best!

18 thoughts on “Giveaway Winners

  1. Nicole,
    Congrats on a fantastic contest. I will be sharing this on Facebook, and in our last Bloggers for Movember post. Thank you so kindly for doing this for us. I know how much work you put in your comics, and I am truly honoured that you had the time to do this.
    Much love, my friend.

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