51 thoughts on “House Rule No. 1, Revisited

    1. I don’t think Charlotte was so much oblivious, as she was just sitting back and watching the drama unfold, hence the Big Gulp. Last time Nicki did this story, she had the younger sisters eating popcorn, so this adds some variety.

        1. 1. I wasn’t in the skit, although I do sort of look like Tess–brown hair, brown eyes, and no bangs, and my favourite colour just happens to also be purple…..but I think even the youngest Belanger sister is older than me, judging by the pop-culture references in Nicki’s previous stories.

          2. I don’t see myself making a rival comic. I’ve written a few poems based on my childhood (with names changed to protect the guilty), but I don’t have the patience to do what Nicki does, and the scanner I have is really unreliable. Besides, I enjoy reading The Middlest Sister so much, I’d hate to do anything to detract from its readership, and possibly discourage Nicki from continuing with it.

          1. I think I must have caught the wrong end of the stick. Stupidly thought you were related and were going to do your own take on the story! ;) Thanks. :) It’s a wonderful site that Nicole’s created. :)

  1. ZOMG, that’s the age difference between two of my boys! “We’re the SAME AGE, I am SIX now!” “No, I’m still older!” “But you’re six too, so we’re THE SAME AGE!”

  2. Oh, yeah, good times, good times. Course, my brothers usually ended up in the backseat anyway and I ended up in the middle between them or on the floor of the car because I always had motion sickness.

  3. Ah yes, I remember those days! My oldest has left home and the second has taken his place in the shotgun seat. The youngest waits her turn. I don’t miss the fighting, not one bit. But I miss the special energy that also happens when all three are together.

  4. I never, ever got the front seat. My sister is four years older and it would have been so embarrassing for anyone to see her riding in the backseat. We fought about it all the time. I don’t know what I’ll do when my kids start doing that. Yes I do. Scream.

      1. I grew up in a two-kid family (me and my brother, who’s three years younger), and our solution was simple–one of us would ride in the front seat on the way to our destination, and the other would get it on the way back.

  5. LOL my sis and I are 21 and 25 years of age respectively but we still fight over the front seat! Cause that’s just how we roll! You know?! hahah loved this! <3

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