115 thoughts on “Racing Rudolph

  1. I love how their eyes are popping out of their heads. It’s nice to remember such innocent times this way.

  2. And of course we’d be driving home from SUCH A FAR AWAY location, freaking out the whole 40 minutes for the ride home. Ahhhhhh, brilliant dad, brilliant.

    I loved the animation of “Rudolph’s Nose”, I laughed so hard :)

  3. Brilliant. The little touches make your work so great…Mom’s fuzzy collar, the nostrils of noses pushed up against the car windows….the lighting effects!!

    Top class, definitely. So glad you were able to finish it at last:)

  4. How do you manage to top yourself every time? Your work is amazing, every little detail. I love to read other people’s comments and see what I missed. There are so many details to look at, I always miss something.

  5. Laugh out loud funneeeey! Thanks for making my day with a good belly laugh.
    How did you make the red nose go across the page like that? Is it some more of
    your Christmas magic?
    Becky Pinckney

  6. Oh Nicole! I needed this today! Something about that little blinking nose just warmed me. Thank you and I’ll be sharing this on The Waiting’s FB tomorrow….I know your giftee checks it when she can get around to it in her busy schedule ;)

  7. Gosh, you outdo yourself every single time! I love the animated nose, the car lights, the fogged up glass – everything! So, just between you and me, which one of you was the “Honor Student”? ;)

    1. I think that’d be too mean, especially if the kids had no control over what time the family would get home. In this case, I assume Nicki’s family is coming home from Midnight Mass, right? If so, then I’d also assume that the parents initiated that outing, not the kids.

  8. Ha! First timer on your blog so possibly a little over excited. WOW! LOOK AT THAT! Loving your work. I need to suggest a family Christmas Eve drive to hubby. So I can play that one on the kids.

  9. I love your gingerbread sisters, Nicki!

    And Rudolph’s nose; I missed it the first time. A technical whiz as well as an artist – is there no end to your talents?

  10. I know it’s a “small” thing, but I loved the fuzzy collar on Mom’s coat. And those huge eyes and breath fog on the van windows. You’re so talented. I hope your files and everything get recovered from your dead computer.

  11. Wow! I loved this so much! Great job.
    I was wondering, what program dd you use to make the GIF?
    ~ Some girl named Mary ~

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