115 thoughts on “Racing Rudolph

  1. Oh wow! There is SO much to love about this skit! :) I love the eyes as you guys follow Rudolph and I LOVE the light of his nose that travels across the page! So fab! :)

  2. this site is sweeet. I have zero artistic ability (unless you count drinking until you pass out and seeing what shape you fall in as artistic). You have my attention (super pervy).

  3. Oh my God. I just found your blog via LeClown, and I think I am hooked. That last panel made me laugh so hard because THAT is me and my husband all.the.time. with our kids. We have finally started asking each other, “Is this one of those ideas we think is going to be really cool, but it actually won’t be?” Thanks for this post.

  4. Nicole, this was so cool! I don’t know how you did the little red light. It looks like it’s been discussed in the comments. I loved this! Especially all the expressions on the sisters’ faces.

  5. Nicki…..where are you? I can’t speak for everyone, but I’ve been eagerly awaiting another hilarious Middlest Sister story. :)

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