145 thoughts on “Hello, Operator

  1. This is great! I love the details like…

    Hang on. How did you know what the girl on the other end looked like?



  2. AWESOME! Was about to head out and saw the flashing #’s…always a MUST read. Glad I did. Keep it coming! ~Regards, Dan (BTW, does that even work anymore, I know who I’m calling tonight!…What’s the average wing speed of an unladen swallow?)

  3. I can tell this is ancient history – you mean there was a day when the phone was answered by a live PERSON????
    How do you get the time to flash – you’re a genius, Nicki.

  4. I don’t know if it’s like this everywhere, but in Southern California, there’s a specific number to dial for just the time.

    “At the beep, the time will be 4:15 and TEN seconds.”

    I used to wait til it said “4:16 EXACTLY” (or whatever the time was) before I hit the “set” button on the clocks.

    1. You dial POP-CORN! (Works(ed) everywhere in California at least, maybe nationwide?) I used to call that number all the time when I was little just to pretend that I actually had someone to call.

  5. Haha, I remember calling the operator, too, but only to get other phone numbers. Then there was 411 (free!) and we had a number to call for Time (So Cal, too). I loved it.

  6. ahahaha Awesome!! I laughed out loud on this one. We would call “popcorn” (767-2676) to get the time, which didn’t include a helpful operator at the other end. I want to know where my missing sock went! :)

  7. Fabulous! I love the gif and the bug eyes! Weirdly, I just sat down to type a short story about a missing sock, and thought I would check my e-mail first. We are connected in so many ways!

    1. Maybe we have the same star sign and our horoscope says “Today you will dwell on a lost article. What comes of it is up to you.” (I want to read your missing sock story!)

  8. Haha! Awesome post, Nicole! Love the flashing time on the stove. Our electric clock had one of the flip card type numbers, you know, like a Rolodex.

    I miss the free dial-zero operators in this digital Google-everything age. I used to call them sometimes just to ask the time and chat a bit. My aunt worked for the bell company — some of the operators knew her since she was one of the few “linemen” at that time. Those ladies were all awesome. I hope they’re getting paid a great pension for dealing with us little snot-noses.

  9. D’you know what. I’ve had, at times, a really crappy day. A number of things have managed to put a smile on my face. Thank you for making my laugh out loud!!! :D

      1. It was much needed. Thank you.

        By the way, I think I said this last year, but I’m loving the blinking images that you’re using right now, like digital clocks. I don’t know how you’re doing it, but I like it. :)

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