I’m taking a short break from blogging in order to focus on a super-big project for The Middlest Sister. It is somewhere in the vicinity of 400 panels, so I have been cutting and pasting for 8+ hours every day and expect to keep on doing so until the very last panel is complete. I promise to return with a new comic shortly after that! Until then, here’s a reblog from last year. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Ooh, I just counted and the actual number of panels is really more like 800. So… Yikes.

The Middlest Sister

Chrissy spreads the valentine's day cards out in front of her, her heart heavy.

You're still filling out those valentines, honey? What's taking so long?

Just LOOK at these valentines.

The sappy valentines lay before her.

"Bee mine"? I can't give that to a boy! They'll think I LIKE them!

The only one remotely platonic is "Beary kind"... but like I really want to give that to some scab-eater.

I just think the makers of these kits need to get a litle more realistic..

You are fowl

It’s kind of late, but if you simply MUST have “You Are Fowl” as a card, I added it to the Zazzle shop here. If you can’t see it yet, it may take a day to process.

OR you can print these mini valentines for FREE if you want!

Here is the pdf of all the valentines

And one of just the FOWL valentines

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!

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20 responses to “”

  1. joaniepthemadhatter Avatar

    Good luck with it all! Looking forward to seeing the finished product! Take care x

  2. Michael Cargill Avatar

    400 bits of Middlest Sister?

    *head assplodes*

  3. DianaX Avatar

    can’t wait to see it!!.

  4. muddledmom Avatar

    Ah, the suspense. I’m so looking forward to it!

  5. bhbkidstyle Avatar

    WOW! Well, you just go back to your scissors and pile of pieces and papers, then! :)

    Good luck!

  6. whisperingiris Avatar

    Holy moly! Big time project . . . wonder what it’s for?

  7. talesfromthemotherland Avatar

    AMAZING! Can’t wait to see the finished project! Just remember, all work and no play makes the middle sister a dull girl. :-) Unless you do something so creative, and you love it.

  8. ayoliag Avatar

    Best wishes… know you’ll come up with something beyond awesome! Love your work!

  9. monicastangledweb Avatar

    Good luck with your book! Your talent is incredible!

  10. Tin Roof Press Avatar

    this project sounds amazing. can’t wait

  11. Rae Avatar

    Wow, that sounds like an intense project! Can’t wait to see it – good luck!

  12. saradraws Avatar

    Regardless, your VD looks better than my VD.
    VD = Valentine’s Day (just in case).

  13. Go Jules Go Avatar

    Oooh good luck and I can’t wait to see!!

  14. tita buds Avatar

    A book? A book! :))))

  15. edzestlit Avatar

    Ms Katykins here (although under my ezine persona and too lazy to log out and back in!). So sorry you’re having a break – not that it sounds like it, you sound crazy busy! But can’t wait to see what you’re working on! All the best, don’t work too hard! Kate

  16. Soul Walker Avatar

    800?!? That is a whole lot of awesome… I’m not sure the internet can handle that.

  17. Angie Z. Avatar

    I’m excited for your super big mystery project to be revealed soon! Your fans will be lining up…

    Still love this post from last year!

  18. The Hook Avatar

    Great reblog and good luck!

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