77 thoughts on “The Willy Wonka Candy Factory Tour

  1. First, where is this wonderful place called the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory?? I didn’t know it existed outside of the book/movie…
    And secondly, those are a pretty fantastic set of chompers. :) Perfectly executed with the upturned nose. As always, awesome job! :D

  2. I did figure out how to add the hovercards, in case you hadn’t yet. You actually have to add the pic to the post, then click edit and add the title. I hate that particular change. It seemed so unnecessary!

  3. That is so wrong. I’ll take you there! Or you can take me there. Probably you would like to take your own daughter there. But she won’t appreciate it because she’s under 6. Trust me. You’re much better off taking me ;)

  4. The facial expressions were great in this one! Come visit me sometime and I’ll take you to the Hershey’s factory tour. Not quite as glamorous and Willy Wonka, but you can get a free giant Hershey’s kiss at the end (at least you could when I toured the factory at 10, admittedly, it’s been awhile).

  5. Awww I feel your pain, My brothers and sister and I got the measles all at the same time, and yes I missed a trip. :-(

  6. You did such a great job expressing the emotion here. Love the faces! And now plenty more of us are pretty bummed that the Wonka factory is closed. Probably for the best though as I’m sure they wouldn’t have let you see any of the secret rooms with chocolate rivers.

  7. Awwwwwww. I missed the softball championship game because my stinky brother brought home chicken pox. Three weeks later we all got mumps. Mumps are better than chicken pox.

  8. OH NO! This is terrible. I was totally feeling your excitement. That sucks, big style!!! :( I missed going to Edinburgh Zoo (slightly less exciting, I know) because I had Chicken Pox. :( Some things you just don’t get over… :(

  9. Wow, that does sound awful–missing a trip to the Willy Wonka Candy Factory because of chicken pox. Why didn’t your parents think to either temporarily re-work the sleeping arrangements so that not all five kids would get sick at once, or plan a trip to the factory once you were all feeling better?

  10. P.S., My “big disappointment” story actually happened as an adult. In late January of this year, I missed out on Horseshoe Valley’s free ski day for their 50th anniversary, because it happened to fall on the coldest day in Canada in two years–it was -28 C that morning, and it would have been even colder on the mountain.

  11. Wait, Nicki, is this story the big secret project you were talking about, or is the big secret project coming later?

      1. Ooh, are you turning The Middlest Sister into an animated cartoon show, like South Park, only a little more G-rated? I really loved the “I Am Right, You Are Wrong” video, and the “Baby, Baby, Stick Your Head In Gravy” video as well. My favourite part of Baby was the part at the end, with the Navy people opening a package and seeing a disembodied kid’s head inside, covered in gravy and bubblegum, and only looking slightly puzzled, and not grossed out at all.

  12. One of my biggest fears as a child was being sick on Halloween. Every year, about two weeks before Halloween, I’d ask my mother what would happen if I was too sick to trick or treat. She told me my brother would share his candy with me. He sat behind her shaking his head “no” the whole time.

  13. @Paprika–I always thought that the protocol for a sick child on Halloween would be either:

    A) The healthy sibling collects an extra bag of candy for the sick sibling,


    B) The sick sibling gets the leftover candy that his or her own parents bought to give out to the trick-or-treaters.

    These options can be used separately, or together, in order to ensure that the sibling who’s sick on Halloween gets roughly as much candy as the sibling who was healthy enough to trick-or-treat. If that fails, then the guilt-ridden parents might just go to the store and buy the sick sibling the candy of his or her choice, which would probably seem “completely unfair” to the healthy sibling, who has to pick through the gross black licorice, candy kisses, and Chick Tracts, in order to get to the good candy.

  14. I never knew there was a real Willie Wonka Chocolate Factory. The movie came out when my boys were young, but it’s always been one of MY favorites. I think I will just have to go to the chocolate factory in Hershey, PA, for you, okay?

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